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Borderline Grandma

Jeremy, Karen and Kate go to the home goods store. There are shower curtains in it! And placemats! Karen claims that they're going to create "a futuristic Great Gatsby, if you will." I think I will not, if it's all the same to you.

Dom, Justin and Helen are at the vintage wallpaper place. They're looking for a deep red, but it's all kind of faded on account of being vintage. They spend $261 on wallpaper. Ken, Alexandria and Sue get to the home goods store at the same time as Alexander, Bradon and Miranda. Shower curtains are grabbed. Sue explains that they want black and metallic materials and it looks like they're mostly getting the same stuff as the last group. Ken, Sue and Alexandria are arguing with each other at the cash register, which is probably a bad sign. Their order comes to $1337.74. Alexander, Bradon and Miranda work together much better and are happy to find a white woven blind.

Dom, Justin and Helen get to the specialty foods store. Their plan is to get some dried foods to imitate beading, so they load up on cranberries. Alexander, Bradon and Miranda have trouble finding anything at the wallpaper store that matches their "white and clean" theme, because wallpaper tends to have patterns on it. They settle on a few, then worry about whether they'll be able to convince Nina that silver counts as a color.

Ken has been dragged to the wallpaper store by Sue and Alexandria, and he's already checked out emotionally. His arms are folded and he doesn't like anything anyone's doing. Sue's mad that he makes them stay within budget.

Back to the workroom! Tim says they have until midnight, then leaves. Ken, Alexandria and Sue start off with Ken complaining that their initial sketches don't have any cohesion, and also that he doesn't want all their collars to be identical. Then he starts in on Sue about how she can't make patterns or use sewing machines. While he complains about his partners in the sewing room, Sue complains about him in the workroom. Alexandria does her best to stay focused on the work, which strikes me as a good plan. So what if Ken just called her a "borderline grandma?" That doesn't even mean anything! Ken comes back out and tells his team that he hates this one red wallpaper swatch.

Bradon tells us that it's important to transform the materials into something else. He's right! His teammate Miranda, however, is just taking wallpaper and quilting it, which is probably not enough of a transformation. Ken tells Sue to stop brainstorming and start sewing. He's being a jerk, but he's not entirely wrong. Sue complains to Miranda that Ken (or "The Diva," as she calls him) isn't letting her do a long draped dress. Out in the workroom, Ken asks Sue (she's teleported out from the sewing room, I guess) how old their woman is. She shrugs, "thirty-five to forty," and he sneers that he doesn't design clothing for forty-year-old women. He's going to be a real delight if he survives long enough for the challenge where they have to do clothes for the designers' parents.

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