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After the commercial, Sue tries to defend herself and Tim tells her this doesn't work. Then he tears into Ken for smirking about it. Ken says he thinks that this dress is "the best thing Sue can do right now." Dom confirms in an interview that everyone kind of agrees with that. Sue interviews that she can totally sew, although she admits that she can't sew on these machines. That's going to be a problem. Tim extricates himself.

Alexandria tries to talk her team into working together. It's not clear that they're willing to do that. Then there's a brief reminder of the reimbursement angle of the purchasing and I don't care.

Dom is trying to make her wallpaper look less like fabric. I think a wallpaper dress is still kind of cheating.

Models are here. Most of them get clothes, although Alexander has only one leg of his pants done. And Sue is basically starting over. Ken hates Alexandria's look, and he checks with Kate to learn how team eliminations work. Basically, the worst person on the worst team probably goes home. She says, "My advice? If your team is sinking, you have to put your life vest on first." I like the metaphor.

Justin is having trouble with the challenge and he gets to make a video call with his parents. They miss him, he cries, they all love each other, you know the deal.

Bradon has immunity, but he's trying to lift his team. That means he's helping Miranda a lot. Jeremy is using glue to get glitter to stick on his garment, and he doesn't like it. Ken has absolutely had it with Sue, and their team doesn't have enough fabric after eliminating the curtain. They don't want to use this ugly red wallpaper, but Alexandria needs to have some sort of skirt. After his teammates take a fraction of a second too long to answer him, Ken announces that he's done talking. He announces it formally, at length, and like a huge baby. And now Alexandria is done with him. Sue interviews that she may have been "too optimistic about many aspects of this experience."

The next morning! Ken has decided he doesn't care about his team as long as he has a good-looking garment himself. And he refers to himself in the third person. Draw your own conclusions. Oh, and Miranda is running behind.

Tim comes in to announce models, hair, makeup and very thoughtful use of accessory walls. And then it's on. Sue tells her model that she'll be going to hair and makeup before trying anything on. Justin's pants don't fit perfectly. Well, they're made out of wallpaper. Jeremy likes his dress a lot, although he wishes he had more stuff on the side. Ken asks Alexandria if Sue has started sewing anything. Alexandria can't answer, which means she has not. Kate is really, really understanding about the problem here, which is that Sue has her own style which works well for her but doesn't fit into a team setting. I have to say, Kate has been nothing but friendly and understanding this season. I think she turned it around, and good for her.

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