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Team Dom/Justin/Helen. Justin's pants don't look as bad as I thought once they're moving down the runway. They're paired with a sleeveless top that's boring but not awful. Wait! It's backless and has red going along the edges, and it was a nice surprise. Helen calls it, "Goji berry overdose." Dom's made a dress that has big poky bits coming off the left shoulder. It's like it's been crystallized or something. And Helen has one of those skirts that are really big around the hips and pull back in to be tight around the thighs. It's weird even when done well and it's not holding its shape here. So it looks kind of like a crumpled paper bag.

Team Alexandra/Ken/Sue. Sue's model has clothes on, which is surprising. Sue whines about having compromised her design ideas. I find it fairly dull and not worth all the drama expended getting it here. Ken's dress looks like a dress. Alexandria's has an interesting collar and it's the only interesting thing about any of the looks. The skirt is apparently really noisy. The collection actually looks really cohesive, probably because they didn't have enough textile choices to change it up.

Team Jeremy/Karen/Kate. Jeremy's dress looks great. The dark glitter up the sides is really eye-catching. Karen's dress also looks great. Well, I think it does, anyway. It has kind of a 1980s cheapo sci-fi movie vibe, but I happen to love that. Kate's look is an elegant little black dress. She voice-overs that it was fun to go outside of her aesthetic a little, which is an interesting contrast to Ken, Alexandria, and Sue, all of whom complained bitterly about having to compromise their precious visions.

The winning team is the one with Jeremy, Karen and Kate. The losing team is Alexandria, Ken, and Sue. The other six designers are safe. Heidi takes a moment to tell Alexander, Bradon and Miranda that they were a close second. Okay, so that means Jeremy probably wins and Sue probably loses, right? Let's find out!

Kate again talks about going futuristic with placemats, and then points out the details that came from the foods: there are poppy seeds, black rice and coconut shavings. Zac makes her point out the details. The rice is pretending to be embroidery stitching on the back and the poppy seeds are mixed with glitter in the ombré. Everyone agrees that Jeremy was trying to make sure he didn't design for "Madame." Helen uses words like "sleek" and "geometric," and also works in a lot of references to the car. Kate points out the curves on the shoulders. June says, "Clavicles are the new cleavage." I think she's wrong about that. Zac loves the chevroning. Nina likes that they had actual references to the car and says it looks effortless. So! Good job.

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