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Hey, Ken? You're an enormous jerk. Shut up. And please don't blame the editing.

Tim brings the dresses out to the judges. He tells them about how he lost it at Ken, Alexandria and Sue. Sue's model is Ji Young, and she admits that she sewed parts of the dress herself so her whole chest wouldn't be exposed. Zac finds some things to like about Alexandria's look, and Tim speaks up for her. He found Ken intimidating. Ken's look is fabric (which Tim said he couldn't do) covered with duct tape. It's also held together with duct tape. I think Tim hates Ken more than he hates Sue. The judges love Jeremy's dress up close. Tim points them to the coconut shavings on Karen's dress. Zac enthuses about Kate's fit, and Heidi praises the model's butt. In the deliberations, everyone agrees that it's between Ken and Sue. Heidi wants to judge by the garment.

Heidi says that "one or more of you" will be out. Jeremy wins and his team is obviously all in. Jeremy seems quite pleased with himself. Which is reasonable! Heidi claims that any time a team doesn't get along, it always shows in the work. No it doesn't, Heidi. You just don't hear about it because if the clothes look good, the designers have the sense to shut up about their workroom drama.

Sue is out. She's kind of crushed. I think she's talented, but this isn't the right venue for her talent. Alexandria is in. That leaves Ken standing on the runway. But he's in. He's pretty emotional when he gets to the back room and he can't even talk to people.

Sue gives Tim a big hug. In fact, she gives almost everyone a big hug. Although Ken is still sitting on the couch, wrapped in his own problems. She leaves.

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