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Josh runs an idea past Anthony Ryan -- what about a skirt with assless chaps underneath? Anthony Ryan just laughs and says no. Some of these ideas are verging on costume. Does Anthony Ryan think that's too costume-y? No, he just thinks that idea is vulgar. Their models are behind them and laughing. Uli is feeling a lot of pressure. She says that her model is very excited. Her? Not so much.

Later, it's time for fitting the girl models. Althea describes androgyny as sexless, which is more in line with the way I think of it. Right now, everyone's designs are looking a little schizophrenic. Emilio notes that he doesn't feel like people have embraced the androgyny aspect of the challenge. He's seeing a lot of avant-garde women's wear, but that's it.

Kayne of Many Colors is making a tank top from that metallic mesh yum-yum yellow fabric. He thinks it's avant-garde. He also thinks that it will take his look to a modern and retro place. Hmm. I guess it has to be modern in order for it to be retro, because not referencing the present would simply make it period, but.... I think it's odd that he says that it will be modern and retro at the same time and have decided that perhaps Kayne of Many Colors does not know of what he speaks. The editors have decided that this is the perfect time to show Anthony Ryan's interview where he says that avant-garde does not mean tacky. This is not a circus challenge.

They finish for the day and head back to the hotel. They start the next day at Mood. Emilio is in trouble because he got the last of the fabric for his look when he was shopping the day before. Back at the workroom, they find male mannequins waiting for them. We don't see if Kayne of Many Colors asks which team his mannequin plays for. Anthony Ryan has Joshua try on his dress. Anthony Ryan says that Joshua likes the look, which is good because Joshua is androgynous in his own look. This, again, is where I think that they've got the idea of androgyny all wrong. I'm not trying to making any slur against Joshua's masculinity, but him just being a man doesn't make his look androgynous. Most of the aspects of his look are feminine. He's a dude with a feminine aesthetic. There's nothing in the middle or particularly "mixed" about it.

Casanova seems like he's a little torn over whether he's doing the right thing with his design or not. He is really trying to be unique, because the avant-garde aspect of the challenge is the judges' attempt to extract something amazing from their all-stars. He's not sure if he's hitting the mark or not. Laura Kathleen tells Josh that, if she were ever dressing a man, it would be classic Italian suits in gray. She adds, "which is clearly not too androgynous" and walks off laughing. There's this thing that some people do. Say, for maybes, that you're in a competition. It's pretty stressful and you've got a ton of things running through your head about how you would love to win, and what are you gonna do, and man you're stressed out and all of that. There are people in your life that are great for sharing those feelings -- your mom, for instance. If you're lucky, your mom is super invested in everything that you do and thinks that you're her little star and will totally indulge you going on and on about how you're really the only person in the world. She's used to that. She was changing your Pampers when you truly, without being a sociopath, thought that you and your mom were the only people in the world. There has to come a point though when you accept the fact that other people are not going to be as utterly fascinated with every nook and cranny of your psyche as you -- and maybe your mom -- are. In fact, I bet your mom is just acting a lot of the time. She doesn't care all that much, but she loves you a lot. The thing is, to stand in a room where obviously everyone is having the same anxieties and hopes and butterflies and talk like you're just the most special girl, I think it's gross. It may appear that I'm being too hard on Laura Kathleen right now. I'm not. I got this. She interviews that she can't push herself to do anything that she doesn't feel, but she wants to win this challenge. See? This is a perfect time to talk about yourself like this. That cameraman wants to hear everything that you have to say. Spill it.

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