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Joanna comes in for the consultation. She reminds everyone that the judges were not terribly pleased with their performance as a group in the previous challenge. She starts with Uli and intuits that this must not be her favorite challenge. She really likes that militaristic trim that Uli was worried about earlier, though Althea interviews that she doesn't use trim herself very often and prefers to rely on good tailoring. Speaking of tailoring, Uli talks about the pants for her male model and says that there wasn't much "ball room" in them. Joanna takes a moment, and then drily ask for confirmation that Uli did in fact say the phrase "ball room." She did. Joanna says that she has never heard that term before but that she quite likes it.

Anthony Ryan shows the yellow fabric that he is planning on using for his woman, next to the black striped men's dress thing. Joanna warns him against making something that will look like a wasp. What's funny is they showed Anthony Ryan talking about how Kayne of Many Colors's stuff was tacky right after he started making his yellow tank top. Now, he has yellow fabric that is not that different from what Kayne was using.

Josh describes making a yolk of fur and trimming it to make it look like a pony. I love that I just got to type that sentence. Joanna responds, "Oof. That is avant-garde." Joanna moves to Ivy and stares at the leather panty on her male mannequin. "Ivy. I need some explanation." Ivy giggles and says that something will be worn over the panty, which is a huge relief to Joanna. She can't tell which of Emilio's outfits is for the man or woman, which they all decide is a good thing.

Casanova's looks are reading very gladiator. Joanna warns Laura Kathleen that the details on her jacket (i.e. the lapels) need to be perfect, otherwise Georgina will eat her. Kayne of Many Colors presents his look along with the leather flowers that he's adding. Joanna thinks that it could be hideous or a showstopper, which is what she said during the last challenge. Laura Kathleen thinks that it looks like a clown outfit. To be fair, he has made a smiley face on the front of his tank. Why would he do that?

Joanna reminds the designers that this is an avant-garde challenge and they should all be pushing themselves. Then, she's out of there. Kayne of Many Colors chooses to push himself at least in the direction of good taste and he removes the smile from the tank top. Casanova manages to bang out some pants really quickly and Emilio is jealous, though he does point out that the ball room is limited. The girls come in for fittings and that's where Casanova runs into a problem. His girl pants don't fit. He's freaking out and Ivy helps him. She interviews that he's her friend before he's anything else, which I think is pretty cool of her. Then, the boys come in for their fittings. Kayne of Many Colors makes his poor boy put on high heels. Maybe that's what his sisters like. Josh, of all people, has to tell Kayne that he has gone too far. As they are all scrambling to finish, Uli wonders if maybe she needs the pressure of a deadline to make her think of the really cool stuff.

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