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Now we're seeing Laura Kathleen's stuff. Her girl is wearing black slacks with cut-outs all along the outside of the pants. This is matched with a blazer in silver and black. The jacket is not fitted very well at all. The dude is wearing silver pants and a sleeveless jacket thing with cut-outs on the torso. It looks like a cheap Skinemax movie costume. Laura Kathleen thinks it looks well-made. Emilio's look is next and it's really cool. Both are like suits from the 30's, with lots of tailoring and skin showing. The lapels sort of turn into fins as you look at the outfits. He did a spectacular job.

Kayne of Many Colors is next and oh boy. For his lady, he made a houndstooth jacket with this harlequin collar. It's enormous. A yellow halter top is beneath it. He made these shiny leggings for the girl. Honestly, everything looks pretty well-made. It's just ugly as sin. His guy is wearing a similar coat, but the lapel is flat. He's also wearing shorts and a scarf tied around his neck. You know, I have to say that this is certainly audacious, but it is so bad. Kayne of Many Colors thinks that it is Triple A: Androgynous, avant-garde and awesome.

Casanova's kids come out next and I think this is a misstep. He managed this sort of ancient warrior thing in gold, but there's nothing androgynous about it. He knows this too. Ivy's stuff is next. It's very sheathed and genie-like, which I guess could read as androgynous. I don't think you'd really ever catch a guy wearing this outfit though. Anthony Ryan's looks are next. He did a nice job. He has versions of shear tunics that have stripes over the areas of interest.

Afterwards, Carolyn calls Althea, Ivy and Joshua. They are all safe and are free to go backstage. So, guys, this is the best. They're sitting backstage and Josh says to Ivy that, yes, he is happy to be safe. But and I QUOTE he is, "truly a design force to be reckoned with." Oh happy day. I'm so glad that I was here for that. He's ridiculous. Ivy says that she's not sure they should really drag their egos into it at this time. That's decent advice and she didn't seem to say it with any malice. Well, ole' tin ear McKinley hears what he wants to hear. He gets upset and doesn't understand why she would "bring" ego into the conversation, says the guy who just declared himself a design force to be reckoned with. He says that, if you wanna talk egotistical, um, she has made the same jacket for five challenges. How is that about her being egotistical? It just sounds like he leapt at an opportunity to tell her that she's repeating herself. What a little prick. Ivy says that the judges are happy with what she's making so she's cool with everything. She's doing a very good (read: probably infuriating) job of staying super calm. Josh says that the judges will catch on soon enough. Althea is sort of giggling at this display in the corner and says that she thinks that Josh is just projecting his frustration onto Ivy. Josh is still going. He says that she doesn't have any respect for other peoples' opinions? Seriously, he is the worst at making a rational argument. He just attacks. The juxtaposition of his behavior to Ivy's calm (previous opponents were usually in tears at this point) shows you just how incoherent he is. Ivy repeats that she just doesn't think that their egos should be involved. He says you have to have ego and reminds her that she's in a competition. She says that she's just interested in showing her best work. Damn. I believe her. He tells that he thinks she should have already left the competition. Rude.

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