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Onstage, the models return for one designer at a time. They start with Uli. She says that her androgyny is tribal inspired. Isaac loves the apocalyptic feel. Robert liked the pants on the boy a lot. Carolyn says that the stuff feels interchangeable and she would like to wear the boy's top. Georgina adds one complaint: she wasn't a fan of the legging that the lady was wearing. Laura Kathleen's people come out and Isaac says that her textiles look cheap. Jason thinks she needed to edit. Carolyn didn't like the gold buttons or the cut-outs. Emilio's models come out and the judges love them. Robert didn't know which was a man and which was a woman. Jason says that this is what androgyny looks like to him. Carolyn has the major hots for the male model. Isaac wonders if the look relies too much on the hats that they were wearing. As the models are leaving, Carolyn says that she needs a moment to cool off. Heh. It's nice to know that super gorgeous girls still get the vapors over pretty people. Here are Kayne of Many Colors's victims, I mean, models. Isaac thinks that the yellow is inexpensive. Georgina thinks that he needed to edit. Casanova presents his models as warriors. Georgina likes it, but she doesn't think its androgynous. Anthony Ryan says that he originally considered an evening look. The judges like what he did. Jason says that it's expensive. Robert could see people on the street wearing these.

The judges confer. They like Emilio, Uli and Anthony Ryan. They really appreciate Anthony Ryan's taste, Uli's nuance and Emilio's tailoring. They thought that Laura Kathleen's looks were cheap-looking. Carolyn says that Kayne of Many Colors effed it up. Isaac thinks that it was atrocious. They think that Casanova misinterpreted the challenge. He knows that too, though.

The designers return to the stage. Anthony Ryan is safe. Emilio is the winner! Uli is in. Casanova is safe. Carolyn tells Kayne that he needs to edit and Laura Kathleen to play to her strengths. Laura Kathleen... is in. Kayne of Many Colors, you leave us again. Carolyn wishes him the best and he thanks them for the inspiration. Backstage, he gets choked up telling the designers that he is proud to have been there with them. He interviews that he loves everything that he has made and will take that memory with him. Goodbye, Kayne of Many Colors!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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