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Lex says he wants their dog back on his leash. "Or you'll be my next experiment!" he threatens. Mr. Science thinks quickly with that big brain. "Uh... maybe I could reposition LuthorCorp satellites!" he tries. Yeah, you go do that. See if Chloe at C.T.U. can help. Mr. Science thinks he can generate a broad-spectrum pulse that'll reset Wes's directive. And fry all our car stereos. He says it's no guarantee. Lex says he's not asking for guarantees. He's asking for results. Lex really needs to get laid. His blue-hued balls are really starting to affect his work. Lex says he wants Ares back online. He tells them to start the pulse. You mean the 90s station on Sirius? I love The Pulse! Mr. Science is stressed. He wants a vacation away from people screaming at him in the middle of the night. If he wanted that, he'd go back to working at Papa John's.

The blinking satellite eye. The satellite repositions itself, which involves running the footage we saw at the beginning backward. Hello again, Earth!

Fort Addleson. "I killed a United States Senator?" Wes asks. Uh, yeah, you did. Try not to take it too hard, dude. You were really not yourself. In fact, since you died, you really can't expect to be. Lois asks how he ended up like this. Well, first he was in Battlestar Galactica, and then his agent heard about a guest spot on a sinking ship of a CW show, and he's well familiar with lost causes... Wes explains that he was stationed in Afghanistan and that his convoy hit an I.E.D. A birth control device? Nooooo! He says he woke up in a military hospital, and that was when Lex showed up. "I should have known," Lois grumbles. Wes says that Lex offered him a way to keep serving his country. Lois says it turned him into a brain-dead assassin. "You think this is what I signed on for?" he asks angrily. He was told that Project Ares would protect soldiers on the field so they wouldn't end up like him. Lois promises that they'll get Lex. She says they'll expose the project and Lex. Wes starts to twitch again. Uh-oh. He holds his head. He grunts hilariously. "They're! Trying! To get back...into my head!" he says. Lois tells him to look at her. "Run! RUUUUNN!" he yells. Lois does. Wes's face loses expression. He disappears again, Predator-style. Scary music.

More Smallville Legends. Check out part four at the web site.

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