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Kent Farm at night. Clark and Chloe enter the front door. Clark thinks that Lex is experimenting on Wes to make him a super-soldier. So what are you doing at the farm? Go get him! Chloe says Wes has pick-and-choose meteor powers. She says Oliver told her the same thing about an earlier model they found out in the desert. This took place in the "Legends" comic, off-screen. Chloe says it's not the first time one of the units has gone AWOL. Chloe says they were barely able to stop the soldier with a mini-nuke that broke through his force field. MamaKent enters the room, offering up some help. She was able to get Wes's military jacket. She says she had to call in a few favors and promise a dozen of her own. Yeah. Probably not worth it. "Lois is right. Wes was a hero," Clark says, reading the folder. Awesome. MamaKent will get right on those political blowjobs now. Chloe thinks it's significant that he took Lois instead of killing her. She thinks that if the programming is failing, he might be taking her to a familiar place. This is the "pulling things out of her ass that are 100 percent accurate" portion of the show. Clark says the military base where Wes grew up, Fort Addleson, was decommissioned five years ago. It's near Metropolis, conveniently. Chloe starts to say that Lois was there in junior high and -- Clark whooshes out of the room, making Chloe and MamaKent's hair fly. Chloe asks MamaKent if she ever gets used to that. "Not really," MamaKent says. Just one of the great scenes she gets to do before she leaves the show! It's too much, really! Save all that acting for your big episode when...oh. That's probably never going to happen.

Lois is in the Fort Addleson warehouse, running. Is that really wise? He can run way faster, you know. Lois climbs a fence as needlessly frantic music tries to give the scene some energy. Lois runs and runs. A door she's trying to reach closes. Locks. Lois whimpers. "Wes?" she calls. She tells him he has to fight this. She tells him he's not a murderer. We see from Wes's point of view a weird thermal vision that makes Lois look like a giant Ewok. She looks around, trying to find him. In thermal-vision, we see him hold out a hand. He chokes the Ewok! ("Choking the Ewok" is urban slang, by the way, for making a protected left turn. What did you think it meant? What? You're so dirty.) Lois gags. We see Lois being lifted by the neck by Invisible Wes. She falls, limp. Clark zips in and catches her. She's not conscious. We see Clark carrying her in Thermo-Vision. Clark walks, looking in all directions as he goes. He sets Lois down on some sandbags. Fails to use his super hearing. Still thermal, we see Clark get punched in the face. He goes flying and breaks some wood. Clark gets up, dazed. He doesn't see anybody. Wes suddenly appears up on the rafters. Shouldn't he have stayed invisible? Wes jumps, looking to take Clark down with his knife. I hope that knife is made of Kryptonite or you're just going to break it. Wes sails to Clark in slow motion. Clark fires up his eye beams. His eyes go orange. He fires a strong beam of energy. The beam sends Wes flying backward. Clark opens his mouth halfway, pleasurably. Was it good for you, baby? Gayest Look of the Episode. Wes lands on his back.

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