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Lois wakes up. She sees Wes lying on the ground. She goes to him. "System...damaged," he says. Plot...needs...wrapping up. Commercial...soon. He spits out a series of numbers. He's all twitchy. Lois tries to get his attention. He chuckles when he recognizes Lois. Then he winces. Lois tries to make him feel better, saying she's going to get help. He tells her not to. "Better this way," he says. "They'll never...stop control me." They'll complete...sentences! Lois tells him to hold on. Wes tells Lois not to let them do this to anybody else. Lois promises. She tells him not to leave her. Sad music plays. Wes exhales and leaves Lois. She begins to cry. "Wes? Wes! Come on!" she cries. "Don't leave me!" Clark watches from the other side of the warehouse. He, too, is sad. Killing reanimated robots is kind of a bummer.

Commercials. Is it just me, or are the Victoria's Secret models getting younger? I don't like feeling like a lech just watching CW commercials. (All right, maybe a little.)

Kent Farm, daytime. Clark is staring at Wes's file. "How does this happen?" Clark asks. Usually, they just paperclip a photo to a set of military records and put it in a stamped folder. It's not the complicated, really. Clark is bitter that Wes wanted to serve his country and ended up being used as a pawn. Hey, that might happen to you someday, Supes, if Ronald Reagan ever becomes president again. Clark hopes that things will be better now that Senator Burke is gone. MamaKent says it's not that easy. Wherever there's power, she says, there'll be men like Lex to exploit that power. Clark wonders if she can do something, like open up an investigation. Yeah, an investigation that leads right back to Clark. Awesome idea. MamaKent says she's a little fish in a tiny pond, and her influence doesn't go that far up. Papa Luthor, standing right inside the screen door (without Clark noticing?) says perhaps it's time to extend that influence. He says he just got off the phone with the governor, and they were discussing having MamaKent fill Burke's congressional seat. Whoah, whoah, whoah. No. No way. She may be nice and smart and very easy on the eyes, but seriously. Come on. He says it would be until the next election. "Me?" she asks incredulously. Papa Luthor gives a little speech about restoring the faith that Burke has tarnished by getting someone with unassailable character. He says the governor agreed she's the perfect choice for the U.S. Senate. "Clark. You agree?" Papa asks. Clark gives Papa a dirty look until he actually pulls the starter cord on his brain and considers the question. Yes! That actually sounds great! Still hate you, old man. Clark stands. He tells MamaKent she should do it. He says Bo Duke would have wanted her to do it. MamaKent says she can't move to Washington since they're barely keeping the farm going now. Papa says that Clark can take care of that. Of course. That's just what this show needs. More chores. Clark says they can lease out the back forty to Ben Hubbard. "He's been wanting to work that land for years," Clark says. He's been wanting to work the farmboy even more. Clark says he was always taught to put others first and to use his abilities to help those in need. He says Mama has the chance to affect so many people's lives if she goes to Washington. Papa looks on with admiration. Clark says she needs to go if she wants to make a real difference. He says that's where people like Wes need her to be. MamaKent looks dazed.

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