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Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is on the phone. He tells someone that he doesn't care what it takes; he wants the body transported to the lab immediately. "Make it happen!" he yells. Lana, wearing another no-sleeve shirt and showing no visible wound on her shoulder, comes into the room. "Hey! You're up!" Lex says. Lana says she's been up for a while and Lex never came home last night. Lex says there was an unforeseen complication on Project Ares. "Ares?" Lana asks, pretending not to know anything. Lex says it's the secret thing he was discussing with Senator Burke the day before. Lex knows she was listening right outside the door. Surveillance cameras, woman! Will you never learn? Lana winces. Lana tells Lex she's sorry. She says there's no excuse and her curiosity got the best of her. "You're not a cat, Lana," Lex tells her. You're the world's most curious squirrel! "Don't skulk around like her," he says, annoyed. Lana looks defiant, but says it won't happen again. Fiercely, Lex says that every time he's opened his heart to someone he cares about, he's been very disappointed. "If...if you ever betrayed me...I don't know what I'd do," he says. His eyes are dead. Without naming names, Lana says, "I'd never hurt the man I love." Lex just stares. He fake-smiles. "Of course not," he says. He tells her that if there's anything she wants to know about his business dealings, "Just ask." Simple enough. Will Lana do it? No way. "No secrets?" she asks. "No secrets," he tells her. Now, about that sex...

Metropolis fly-over. Inside The Daily Planet. "Mrs. Kent goes to Washington," Chloe says to Clark as they walk together. She says that if anyone can give Jimmy Stewart a run for his money, it's MamaKent. Clark wishes Papa Luthor weren't helping her. Chloe asks if Clark thinks Papa's got something up his Armani sleeve. "When doesn't he?" Clark asks. Clark says that for now, Papa's son is a bigger problem. Chloe calls that an understatement. Chloe says Lex has always had a dark side, but with what we've seen recently, it's going pitch black. Yeah, sure, toe the party line, Chloe. Clark hopes Lana is nowhere near him when the lights go out. Chloe hopes he's behind bars before that. Chloe says that Lois is meeting with the feds at the morgue. She thinks that as soon as they find the connection to Lex -- Lois cuts her off. "Don't hold your breath. Wes's body is gone," Lois tells them. The feds didn't believe Lois because she works at The Inquisitor. Lois says Wes deserved better than this. Clark says he's sorry. "Don't be sorry for me," Lois tells him. "Be sorry for Lex." She says he's going to pay for what he did to Wes, and she's going to make "damn sure" he doesn't do it to anyone else. She walks out in a huff. Clark and Chloe exchange worried looks.

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