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Project Ares headquarters. Maybe if they built a large rocket that would propel the Earth into the sun... Someone pulls a sheet off of Wes's dead body. Lex leans in. "You were almost perfect," he says to the body. A perfect specimen of manhood! So...dominant! "Take him apart," Lex tells the Cenobites. By which I mean "Mr. Science." Lex wants to make sure this doesn't happen again. Mr. Science says it won't do any good. They used up all the good parts they harvested from Titan. He says they don't have enough alien peptides to continue the project. Why not just use a protein bar? Lex says he's working on procuring a replacement. "I promise you, doctor. This isn't the end of Project Ares." Lex pushes a button on a console, and a panel rises. Lex says this is just the beginning. Lights come up on a giant body warehouse where hundreds of Wes clones are lying on platforms, all wearing identical silver shorts. We hear scary chants. In just seven days (and six long nights), Lex can make you all men! This is going to be the most confusing orgy ever.

Next week: Season finale time. Will you cry weird tears? We'll have to see.

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