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The Barnness of Safehouseitude. Clark, putting a saddle on a rail, tells Lois that she needs to stop being stubborn. She's going to stay with the Kents until this whole thing is cleared up. Probably in the next thirty-five minutes. Lois says that she can take care of herself. MamaKent, also in the barn, says they think Lois will be safer staying with them. Clark says it'll be like old times, just like when she first came to town. "Oh, you're just hoping to catch me in the shower again," Lois says, completely inappropriately. Everything stops. MamaKent gives a concerned look. God, Lois. Just say thank you and shut your yapper. Lois says thank you, and that she really appreciates it. Wow, I didn't really think she'd do it. MamaKent says that Lois is always welcome; she's practically family. Lois asks if she can have one more favor. Clark, rolling his eyes, asks what she needs. She asks if MamaKent can use her political influence to take a look at Wes's "military jacket." Lois says she tried to ask her dad, but he went "all Cold War" on her and told her she should drop it. Clark says three dudes are already dead. Lois insists. MamaKent reluctantly agrees to look into the situation. Clark is annoyed that Lois is risking getting herself killed. Lois says this isn't just another story. She says she and Wes were close. They hear clattering from another part of the barn. Clark tells Lois to stay put. He goes to investigate. A rocking chair is moving. Clark thinks it was just the wind. Just then, a shape appears out of a void. It's Wes. He punches Clark in the gut. Clark flies through some lumber. Ow. Wes goes right up to Lois. He raises a knife. "Wes!" Lois yells. He hesitates. His hand shakes. A knife? Really? Instead, Wes pulls an arm around Lois and they both disappear. Clark breathes heavily, unsure what to do.

Commercials. Ocean's 13. They're just going to keep making these movies until somebody cares again.

The Talon. Nighttime. Clark and Chloe are going down the stairs. Chloe is asking how Lois could have disappeared with Clark standing right there. Yeah, Clark? How did that happen? I think you wanted her to get kidnapped. So did I, honestly. Clark says that the dude disappeared. Literally. I think after six seasons of crazy crap happening, you can drop the "literally" when explaining paranormal stuff to Chloe. "Like Alicia?" Chloe asks. Like Clark's dead wife? Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor for Alicia getting a shout-out on the show. Clark says it's more like what Graham Garrett could do. Who? Oh yeah. Invisalyin'. I never remember them by their actual names. Clark says that the guy took Lois with him and that he has other powers. Clark says he hasn't felt something like that since he fought with Titan. It was magic, I tells ya! Magic! Love! That's a lot of past episode character name-dropping going on, by the way. Clark asks if Chloe might have found something about Wes that could help them. Chloe says that she hasn't been able to find anything from his medical records, but she did cross-check his name, and she came up with another: Jodi Keenan. The one who blew herself up in the tunnels after holding Lex hostage. Clark and Chloe make that connection. They didn't get curious about the woman right after the tunnel incident happened? Why'd they wait this long to figure out who she was? Of course, this road of evil leads to Lex. Clark must be thrilled. Chloe says that Wes has multiple Krypto-abilities and, if Lois is to be believed, is being mind-controlled. Mind-taking! Chloe thinks this all connects to the 33.1 saga. Clark insists that Chloe contact Oliver and his crew, since they've been taking out 33.1 facilities in the funny pages. Chloe asks if that isn't a "hero-to-hero" phone call. Clark says he's going to go talk to Lex. Any excuse will do, huh? She sees through this ruse as well. Chloe says that Lex isn't going to tell Clark anything. Who said anything about talking? Clark thinks of another excuse. He decides he can ask someone else instead. Oh, jeez. A Lana conversation. Thanks, Smallville. You really know how to fuck with us.

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