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Scary warehouse. Lois wakes up. She's lying on what look like sandbags. There's a shadow falling over her. Lois says, "Wes." He corrects her, saying the designation is incorrect. He name is call sign Ares, prototype Mark IV. Are you sure you're not a Mark 7 Production? Lois asks if he remembers her. She says her full name. "My father is General Sam Lane," she says. We know! Jeez! She says her father used to drag her to all the bases, including Fort Addleson, where she met Wes. He blinks. She asks if he remembers where he got that scar. She says he used to tell people he got it dirt biking, but in reality they got into The General's whiskey, then broke into a storage warehouse. They were wrestling. Lois kissed him and it was the first time she ever kissed anyone. She says he was smiling that crooked smile of his. What is this, a Lucinda Williams song? She says he puked, passed out, and hit his head on the floor. I won't be cruel and say the puking might have been related to the kissing. Wes keeps blinking. She says he never could handle his liquor. Wes closes his eyes in pain. "Mission incomplete," he says. "Eliminate target." He steps forward. Lois is scared. She asks why he brought her here. As she backs away, she yells that this is Fort Addleson, and this is the warehouse where they kissed that night. "Remember me!" she wails. Wes starts to twitch. He fights off his own directive. Finally, he looks at Lois with recognition. She smiles.

The lab at night. Mr. Science works too hard! He's clacking away at the keyboard, downloading Silversun Pickups from iTunes. Lex walks into the room yelling about three years of work and a billion dollars spent and how they've lost Wes. A billion, really? That's an expensive project, dude. Mr. Science blah blahs about molecular peptides and meteor extracts and stuff recovered from aliens...just shoot him, Lex. Lex says that Titan's genetic material was the only thing that made this project viable. But that didn't happen three years ago. How did Lex know he'd have that component? Mr. Science bitches about the substances he's working with being unpredictable. It's late, guys. Why don't we go grab some waffles at IHOP and talk it out? Lex tries to give his version of a pep talk. He says Mr. Science is helping protect the world from unstable criminals, who are becoming more common. Also, they're like...insurgents! Fear them! Lex says that humanity's only chance in surviving the onslaught is this project. Humanity's pretty fucked, then. "So kick that big brain of yours into high gear and figure out what went wrong!" Lex commands. Ha. Nice one. Mr. Science hypothesizes that a familiar person or place might have triggered one of Wes's memories. Maybe he remembered seeing when this happened in Robocop. Number One asks if they can track him. Mr. Science, annoyed, says the fields he generates make him impossible to follow electronically. Yeah, Number One. Go back to being a lackey, you science flunky!

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