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Row, Row, Row Your Dopes!

Last week on Survivor: Gervase revealed that he runs as well as he swims. Richard got sneaky at Tagi, Sue jumped on board his alliance and Kelly came sniveling after. Ramoaner quit her moaning. For good.

At Pagong Day Thirteen, Colleen tells us that the tribe slept late for the first time, and that "everybody's a little bit on edge; everybody's a little vulnerable today." Not as vulnerable as Ramoaner was last night, but whatever. Joel tells us that they're feeling down because they lost another person: "The group's getting a little bit smaller, even if it's only two people smaller, it's still getting a little bit smaller." So, let me get this straight: If you subtract one person, the group gets smaller? I think I get it now. We see various shots of dejected-looking Pagongs. Jenna sprawls across a rock for her confessional. It doesn't look like a comfortable position, or one from which I'd choose to address the world, but if you want to win that Playboy centerfold, you gotta do what you gotta do. She thinks the team is down because Greg, a "male leader," has been sick. We then see Greg feeling bad for himself and looking peculiarly ruddy. The Blair Rat has made another appearance at Pagong, and has strewn the team's clothing across the treetops and around the camp. Oh wait, they just haven't been cleaning up after themselves. The state of their morale is signified by their team flag, which lies trampled, shredded, smoldering, and shat upon in the sand. According to Gretchen, the place looks "trashy." She should see Jenna's confessional.

At Tagi, the flag flies high, as does the team. Sue, Kelly, Richard and Rudy make a tent out of the parachute from last week's Target challenge. Rudy says "goodies," which makes me giggle. While the others toil, we see shots of Sean and Dirk just sitting around; they look like they're picking food out of their teeth with their tongues. There really should be unlimited floss here. I took one of those surveys a while back that calculates your real age by accounting for such factors as where you live, whether you smoke, your family's health history, etc. You add and subtract points for each good or bad thing. And daily flossing added like seven years to your life. So start flossing. Kelly says, "Me personally, I was a little irritated with, uh, Dirk and Sean's effort around camp. I mean, they try to go out fishing while they know they're not gonna catch anything, and I think personally it's just so they can say, 'Hey, well, we did something.'" Meanwhile, she serves her team well by doing needlepoint. Sean tells us in a confessional that Kelly equates "failure to catch fish with a failure to try," but that such is not the case.

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