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Pawn wails at Prufrock that he was to "lay low. Exactly what did you think you were doing back there?" Prufrock unpacks his theory about Highwater Trucking and its relationship to Watermark Consolidated (I'd share it with you if I had the slightest idea of what was going on right now), stating that he has to find out what BRB is trucking. He again notes that "getting information in this town is a bit of an art form." Suddenly, he stops Pawn in the middle of the drive, asking if she can pull over for one moment because of one last call he has to make. She does so, and he calls his own house, leaving a message for Darlene in which he tells her, "I'm sorry. We both did things and said things we're not proud of. I want you to know that the years we spent together were the happiest times of my life. So I guess that's it."

Taudrey hops out of her own Vintagemobile, Bible in hand, to get her God on in the middle of an open field. She flips open the Bible to discover that several words on each page have been methodically cut out. I don't even believe her when her stage direction is "flips through book, which it's hard to fuck up, so don't."

Pawn's cruiser pulls up to a fancy desert spot at high 2 PM, and Pawn preps Jim: "As soon as Sloman touches the tickets. I mean, the second that he does, we'll cuff him. Until then, don't even blink unless I tell you to." They get out of the truck and find Sloman waiting for them, who notes, "You have the guest of honor, I see." Jim tells them that people know he's there so they'd better mind the not killing him, and another car pulls up and a six-foot bunny in a man costume emerges. That must be Pawn's unsung "partner." Sloman shows them a bag containing much cash, and Bunny Partner exhibits a bag of winning lottery tickets, "street value, $1.5 million." Sloman tells Prufrock to take a lotto ticket and scratch it, and for some reason he does so with very little provocation. He tells Partner that he's "doing this under duress," and he announces that the ticket nets $50,000. But then, slo-mo. The bag of cash drops. The tickets change hands. Pawn stares in close-up. She goes for her gun. Jim's cell phone rings. He ignores it. Grace sits, embarrassed. Back in the desert, Sloman announces, "There's just one little thing I'd like to take care of before we conclude the deal. Deputy, I would like you to shoot Mr. Prufrock here." Even Pawn is confused, so Sloman paints it a little more clearly: "He tried to leave town, stole this winning lottery ticket as a source of cash to flee the country. You hunted him down. When you confronted him, he pulled a gun, fired a gun at you and ran." Prufrock screams that he doesn't even have a gun, and Sloman tells him not to sweat it: "We'll give you one after." Bunny Partner notes, "I didn't sign on for this," but Sloman has no interest. Pawn brandishes her gun at Jim and tells him, "Run, Jimbo." He does not move. And so she screams it, and as he dashes, she shoots him twice in the back. We have a Prufrock down. I repeat, we have a Prufrock down. Sloman compliments her, "Nice shooting," continuing, "My daddy always used to say that the only way to make sure a troublesome animal was really dead was with a nice, clean head shot." Pawn seems to have an attack of conscience, yelling, "Wait!" but she relents in a moment, demanding, "Let me." Sloman points the way to the body, and Pawn approaches, gun drawn, and apologizes quietly, "Sorry, but…you'll have to die, Prufrock." If a LivePlanet can become a DeadPlanet in just seven short weeks, I have no doubt that one more episode can live without Prufrock.

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Push, Nevada




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