Push, Nevada
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One Night in Prufrock and the World's Your Oyster

Outside. Jim's bound in a trunk with his head covered, and he's flashing back to his old Culkin self, similarly sequestered somewhere. The car he's in stops and the trunk door opens, Jim breathily whispering, "Let me out." A female voice asks, "Who are you? Who do you work for?" Jim gives his IRS spiel again, but the voice doesn't believe him: "CIA? FBI? DEA?" If that last one is the Department of inEvitable Axing, then yes. The last one. But he's sticking to his IRS story, even though the stun gun from earlier meets him one more time and takes the fight back out of him. The owner of the female voice removes the covering from Jim's head, and he recognizes the voice when it calls him "Jimbo." He tells her, "I'm telling you the truth, deputy. Or whoever you really are." Oh, hello, Pawn. She shines the flashlight in his eyes, and she offers, "Last chance. Who are you, Jim Prufrock?" He's 24601. And he is a storybook hero.

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Push, Nevada




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