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Where Politos fear to dwell

It's 7:07 AM on a bedside clock whose loud ticking indicates that the time might actually change one day. Novel. Jim stumbles over to his telephone, drops it on the desk in a touch I rather enjoy, dials up the Tertiary Characters Department, and waits for a disaffected voice to answer, "Hello, IRS." He announces himself as Jim, and Grace bids him a cool "Good morning, Mr. Prufrock" in that "even though you're out of the office, I'm still here on time, so thanks for checking up on me at 7:07, jerk" kind of way, flips the page in her Cosmo to the inevitable "Is Your Boss A Jerk" quiz, and has cause to continually answer "D." Jerk alert! He continues on with the day's big news: "I need you to get a message to Ira for me. I think he was expecting me home today. I talked to him the other day about the Push, Nevada case. Could you tell him that…tell him that…I witnessed a murder yesterday. Someone murdered Silas Bodnick, the very man I've been investigating." We cut back to the office to note that Grace is taking the message from Jim's desk, because his computer has the more updated version of IM (the one where you can see when the other person is typing! It's like living inside of their mind!) and because he's always stealing her goddamn Cosmos. She shoots back a rather skeptical "okay," and when Jim asks after her tone, she divulges, "Mr. Glassman asked about you first thing this morning. He was with someone from the Provo office. He seemed…consternated." But as Gal Thursday continues with her filibuster, Jim's attention is diverted across to the West Wing, where he spies Taudrey in the process of removing her dress from behind open Venetian blinds. He quickly pulls his attention back to the phone and tells Grace that Ira can call him in Push if he needs to discuss the matter further. Grace adds that Jim's ex-wife called, but didn't leave a message. Jim looks back at the shades, but a curtain has come down where Taudrey once stood, a note taped to the front reading, "Meet me tonight @ Sloman's."

Cosmo Assistant's Quiz, Question #11: While you are at work, your boss is:
a) Lolling around strange towns still in his pajamas.
b) Ignoring your undeniable multitasking abilities in favor of the singular task of ogling naked ladies.
c) Creating a general sense of consternation with both superiors and hotel staff alike and ensuring the enduring presence of what could only be termed "a ruckus."

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Push, Nevada




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