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And so, as if ABC had ordered a television program entitled Watch Dan Write His Thesis, we watch Jim push papers around a desk until a suited man approaches -- the manager, we learn -- and asks if he can be of help. Jim says that he can, letting the guy know that the financial statements are -- surprise! -- incomplete. The manager apologizes that those are the only statements the bank has, and Jim cites numerous other inconsistencies that make this bank more like "a shoebox of cash which gets hidden under a mattress. Only this time, the mattress is the entire town." The manager gives a nod toward the teller, and Jim knows at once that he's had her set off a silent alarm. Jim stands up and rants, "I just witnessed your Main Street go from ghost town to boom town in the course of an hour," which I'm recapping simply because it was in the promo and also because Boomtown is a show that people watch, and I wanted you nice people to see what a show people watched looked like. Moments later, Pawn enters the bank and sees the varmint troublemaker making trouble, demanding in her resurgent accent, "Outside, Jimbo." Walking back down Main Street, she lets him know, "I should have shot you when I had the chance." The ambiguous sting is going down tomorrow, she continues, so for the meantime, his surveillance anklet has been limited to his hotel room, which he's not allowed leave at all. Jim's disgusted: "You and I are both government agents. We both have our jurisdictions. Inside that bank is mine." She clarifies for him that she's a government agent and that he's "an accountant. Go count something. In your room. I'll tell you when you can come out."

Sloman's Private Office. Taudrey walks in with a suitcase that much pleases Sloman, who demands she "bring it here." She stands before him, promising, "It's all there." "All except the interest," he responds, continuing, "I do indeed know you have very little to put in this hand. But I think you might have a lot…to put in this one." Said head disappears under her dress, and Taudrey freezes, responding all shamed, "Yes, I think I do." She spots a knife sitting casually on his desk, which I guess is a letter opener. Her dress comes off as Sloman actually says, "Daddy wants it."

The Three Product-Placed Ross-Dress-For-Less Suit-Wearers Of The Apocalypse sit with a stack of Bibles on a table, one noting, "I knew Shadrack was a religious man, but…" Another intervenes, "What do you think it is?" Talk turns to Prufrock, and they observe, "Now that order has been restored, there's no ostensible reason to keep him around. It seems that Sloman wants Prufrock, and Prufrock wants Sloman." The three men strike a prayer pose and hold it indefinitely because SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHOW.

Pawn enters Sloman's office again and hands him whatever the guy from the grocery store dropped in her basket. It's a lottery ticket, I think. "Oh," he says with fake surprise, "I won." Sloman tells Pawn, "I want you to bring Prufrock along," and Pawn warns, "But he'll be a witness." Sloman sneers, "Oh no, he won't." Oh, my God. Do you think they're trying to do something bad to Prufrock or harm him in some way?

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Push, Nevada




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