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Vintagemobile, where Pawn rides shotgun and Jim continues to fill in the blanks: "None of this explains why the Versailles pays out 62 percent of the time. There has to be more to this." Pawn fast-talks in that noir-ish "News on the March" kind of way that's cut down many a skilled Gilmore Girls recapper in her time, vamping, "My job is to take down Dwight Sloman. That's what the Treasury Department has deemed the most important step of this investigation, and that is exactly what I plan to do. And what I don't need is some freakish IRS agent with his own agenda stirring the pot." Her unwillingness to go over the edge with an exclamatory "see" after every word, coupled with her completely correct characterization of Jim's almost autistic love for justice and numbers as "freakish," are causing me to warm to Pawn. And have I mentioned that I'm pleased she's dropped the accent? He asks, "So what's the sting?" She smirks knowingly, staring into the bleached-white blue screen that stretches before them, answering, "It's right in front of you, Jim." The, um, craft services table? There's not even the slightest conceit that they're on an actual road. I think they're even bouncing up and down on their own accord, like the passengers in the opening train sequence of The Music Man. But what's "right in front of him" is a billboard reading, "Nevada State Lotto!" for which the current jackpot is $26,000,000 and the tagline is, oddly, "Everybody wins, especially our schools." And it's also in quotes on the sign, attributed to no one. Maybe it's being sarcastic: "Everybody" "wins," "especially" "our" "schools." That is, if kindly Principal Weatherbee buys himself a ticket and gets lucky with the supplemental number. Because if I'm holding the golden ticket when the numbers are announced, you'd better believe that everybody wins, especially if you're me or the guy who sells small Caribbean islands or the jet that's chartered to take me away from all this forever and ever and ever. Oh, and schools. I'm sure I'd also give some to the schools.

Grace walks up to a nondescript-looking building marked simply "aviation." Grace, hair pulled back, lipstick perfect, sunglasses vaguely funky without descending into kitsch, consults a business card from Phineas Cobb. A brief flashback to last week's scene in which she asks Cobb who paid Jim's bail yanks us back to the present, where she flips over the card to consult a bit of handwriting and walks in the front door. She walks up to the desk and utters a matter-of-fact "hi," startling a man buried behind a newspaper who almost couldn't not hear her walk in the front door five feet from where he's sitting. No matter. He's startled. He's also, I thought, Biff from the Back to the Future movies, but I didn't see his name (Thomas F. Wilson) in the credits, so it's possible I'm mistaken. Maybe it's Conchata Ferrell. It's difficult to know for sure anymore. Grace sits down at the desk and tells Biff (?) that she's thinking of chartering a jet for her birthday. She even talks the plane talk to make herself sound authentic, and in no time they're strolling through a hangar, Biff (?) lamenting, "I wish my little girl took an interest in aviation. All she talks about is Botox and Britney Spears." Eh? Is Biff (?)'s daughter Joan Rivers, or maybe the entire cast of The View? Who talks about both of those things? Grace notes one plane that Biff (?) tells her "isn't ours. It belongs to some foreign guy. Swede or something." She tells him she wants to take a look inside, and Biff (?) puts up a weak fight to the contrary. Grace is all, "Now Biff (?), don't con me," telling him she'll just "take a peek." She climbs aboard what appears to be the "Siegfried and Roy" official transport vehicle, all mirrors and white leather and a feeling that something could leap out of the fuselage at any moment and just yell, "Roar!" But in a really campy way, where you'd be scared for maybe like a second and then everyone would freeze for another second and then you'd all just laugh and laugh and laugh. And I didn't even know they were Swedish! Grace wanders down the aisle of the plane. She finds a collection of white button-down shirts with the letter "M" monogrammed on the sleeves (and considering the clue this week, "M" must be Swedish for "red herring"). The shirts even look a bit like the puffy shirts Siegfried might be expected lounge around in on travel days. The "M" must stand for "Meow." An awkward cut later, Grace is making herself comfortable with her arms wrapped around a sink in the back of the plane when she looks down to see a card next to the sink with a symbol written on it, basically circle inside of which is a downward-facing horseshoe. Blah blah blah The-Television-Series-Formerly-Known-As-Uncancelled-Cakes. Cough. Yawn. Say, you know what the craziest thing about the "Cold-Hearted Snake" video was?

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Push, Nevada




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