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The Letter Of The Law

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Martha's Quirk 'n' Go. Jim walks past the sign to the North Wing, and hears Martha's voice coming from well beyond it, reporting, "I don't think she can take any more." Jim lingers a moment too long. Yup, I'd say the overnight boarder in the barn is starting to consider the implications of those three forbidden holes with just a little more seriousness than before. But he continues on, walking outside to find Taudrey, sitting in a chair on a patio we've never seen before, next to a suitcase. She drawls the question, "Still looking for answers, are you, Jim?" He sits down next to her and has daddy issues when he tells her that he taught her the value of searching for the truth and blah. She tells him that it must be nice to live in his world of moral absolutes, and he responds that "it's not easy. To me, the way most people live is easy. It's easy to act for the moment, to act selfishly, to act out of greed or fear. That's what's easy." Recapping this scene in real time? That's what's easy. "No, the way I live…that's not easy." Taudrey gazes out and Jim accepts an apology she hasn't yet offered: "You didn't set me up of your own accord, did you?" She assures him that she didn't. He tells her that they can still help each other, then. She tells him that he a good and decent man, qualities that won't get him far in Push. "You don't know what you're up against."

He's up against this: Jim pulls into a parking lot in an empty stretch of town. He checks his watch, he checks the front cover of The Push Times ("Another Big Winner at the Versailles"). At 4 PM, camera quirkiness ensues, and we're suddenly at the speed of Babe Ruth newsreel footage, as cars come pouring into the parking lot, people run into stores on spending sprees, Pawn takes some kind of hand-off from a bald stranger in a suit, and just as quickly the whole thing is over. It's five. All of the stores are closed. Jim follows a man holding a bag marked "Property of Push" into a local bank branch, and marches up to the counter. He informs the teller, "As you probably know, Title XIX, Article 239a of the Nevada Revised Statutes requires that all state financial institutions keep on hand a public record of monthly financial statements for any and all federal financial officials who may request them." He holds out his badge. "I want to see your financial statements. You have to give them to me."

Taudrey steps out of her car and walks up to ShadJackBlack's ravaged hut holding a gun. Sitting dejectedly in front of the place, he tells her, "They came for it." He tells her he doesn't have it anymore, and she goes sifting through the rubble of his ruined home, screaming, "I can't leave without it!" Oh, don't worry. They'll let you leave soon enough, dear.

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Push, Nevada




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