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Nun on the Run
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Young Olive Snook is prancing on a pink pony on a stick around her parents, who are busily soaking up the sun's valuable UVA and UVB rays. She is dressed in a jacket, jodhpurs and riding helmet. Two hours have passed since her first riding lesson and she asks her parents for an Arabian Stallion. They look down from their sun-gazing long enough to declare "no" in unison. Since Olive is now as she was then, she is unable to accept negative statements. She decides to dig to Arabia. It can't be that hard. Just head to the center of the earth and turn right. Two weeks into her dig, instead of finding Arabia, she finds a 65 million year old triceratops. Yes, Sarah Palin, 65 million years old. Sorry! The fascinating fossil catches the attention of a Saudi royal, who brings one of his stallions to trade. Olive learns a valuable lesson: digging can be messy work, but it can unearth valuable treasures. I am so glad this is an Olive-centric episode!

Buried treasures continue to exist in the life of Olive Snook even now at the convent. It's truffle season and Olive and her trusty Pigby excel at digging up the fabulous fungi. She is so distracted by her new hobby that she has managed to forget why she fled to the convent in the first place: Her unrequited love for the Pie Maker and her desire to keep the secret that Chuck's aunt is really her mother. She finally has a friend at the convent, too. Sister Larue, the beloved head of the convent's truffle operation, has taken Olive under her habit. She teaches her to love the complex scent of truffles. Pigby is such a good truffle hunter because the scent of the truffle mimics the male piggy pheromone. Not something you hear much about during Primetime. Except for maybe in some extremely off-putting Dateline Mystery. Olive pokes porcine fun at her little piggy for that. Sister Larue runs off to polish the bells, asking Olive to save her a seat at midday prayers. She reminds Olive to give Pigby a little "something something" and Olive hums a little porn soundtrack and does a little sexy dance and then remembers herself and bows in regret as the nun stares at her. Hee! Pig porn.

The Piemaker brings Chuck his morning coffee and a basketful of tasty treats. Feel free to show up at my doorstep tomorrow! He and Digby stand at the door patiently. Well not too patiently. He is rambling about her doorstep versus his doorstep and how he is trying. Chuck doesn't hear any of this though. She is busy being blond and mysterious and meeting strange spectacled men before she has her morning coffee. Oh Chuck, don't do anything before coffee! It's unholy and a surefire path to hell. It may be apocryphal, but, really, trust me on this. Ned is mysterious about the mysterious man. She says his name is Mr. Pennybaker. She hired him, end of story. She ushers Ned inside and shows him the unfinished family tree she found in her childhood desk drawer. It's unfinished because she had no resources to finish it. Her mom died in childbirth, her dad, well we know what happened there. Ned looks understandably uncomfortable at the mention of Chuck's dad. Her aunts couldn't help her either, because they were actually her father's step-aunts and they didn't know anything about his family. Chuck felt so bad about the whole thing that she just turned in the assignment unfinished and never thought about her lineage again until last night. Now she wants to know. So she donned a disguise and hired a genealogist, Mr. Pennybaker, who promises twenty-four hour turnaround in all family tree inquiries. Ned scowls. He sees no reason to go digging around. Digging just makes you grimy and gives you a kink in your back. Chuck throws a hat at him.

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