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Nun on the Run
Once Larue's treachery is uncovered, life returns to normal at the convent. As Ned waits for Chuck and Emerson to get the car, he and Olive talk. Olive explains that while Sister Larue betrayed every sweet soul in the convent, for all her wickedness Larue was a fungal genius. Mother Superior is going to continue the operation and the convent will be back in black before you know it. Ned nods that it wouldn't have happened if Olive hadn't insisted on digging. Olive tells him that they tapped her to be new head of truffle operations. Ned looks happy as he tells her that she'll be great. Because she is great! And he is so sorry that he was awful and he is ashamed of himself because he knows how hard it is to be abandoned. And how your heart hardens to the person who did it to you. He has no right to ask for her forgiveness, but he is sorry. Olive smiles, "Wow, I just came out here to see if I could catch a ride home. But thanks." Ned is happy she is coming home, but Olive is concerned. She still has to figure out a way to stop herself from blabbing Lily's secret to Chuck. Olive doesn't have to worry about that, because Ned is going to tell Chuck tonight. And he does. He breaks the news to Chuck on their rooftop surrounded by beehives. What had been secret for twenty-nine years was undone in three words: Lily's your mother. Which technically is three and a half words, but whatever. Chuck doesn't say anything and her head is down. Ned begs her to say something. She looks up and is in tears. Chuck explains that they are happy ones. Ned thinks her approach to such odd news is inspiring. It makes him realize that he has some digging of his own to do. He hands her a pencil and her family tree. He though she might want to fill it in. She does. The End.

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