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Nun on the Run

Back at the convent, Olive Snook had decided to stay forever. She prays to the Heavenly Father that she wants to stay and serve. If she is wrong, and he has other plans for her, he should drop her a line. He drops her one. Well, if by line you mean nun. Sister Larue drops from the bell tower like an anvil in a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Olive cries as the priest announces that Sister Larue died by her own hand. Mother Superior adds that since suicide is a mortal sin, Sister Larue will be burning in the eternal fires of hell. Harsh! Luckily for Sister Larue's immortal soul, negative statements are still unacceptable to Olive Snook. But prayers may not be enough.

Emerson Cod never stayed late at the office, but tonight he did and it was a blessing. Olive comes in covering her face. Emerson starts chuckling once he realizes it is Olive. He starts quietly enough, but it soon turns into an enormous belly laugh. Olive doesn't think it is funny. Emerson is still laughing. He just can't wrap his head around it. Olive explains that this is a matter of heaven and hell. She needs him to prove that Sister Larue did not kill herself. Emerson laughs, "What got you to a nunnery?" Olive is excited to tell someone and she looks downtrodden when Emerson explains that he doesn't really care. He was just trying to be small talkish. He changes the subject to one dearer to his heart: Compensation. Olive has nun -- I mean none, what with the vows of poverty and all. She offers to pay him in prayer. Much to her surprise, Emerson accepts. He needs all the prayers he can get to find his wayward daughter. Once the deal is made, Olive is all business. She perches on Emerson's desk and takes dialogue straight from a Raymond Chandler novel only with much more personality than any of Sam Spade's women of mystery. Olive and the sisters are straight-up sequestered. So Emerson has to find an airtight way into the convent that can't be traced to her. Also, she pounds a pencil to make her point, No Ned or Chuck! I really love Kristen Chenoweth. Really.

Up in the bell tower, Olive is berating Emerson for bringing Ned and Chuck. Rev. Emerson explains that he needs Pieboy's special skill set and Piegirl comes with Pieboy. Pieboy and Piegirl. They sound like superheroes! Lame IHOP kids' menu superheroes, but superheroes nonetheless. Ned and Chuck, dressed in priest and nun attire respectively, wait eagerly on the stairs as Emerson and Olive argue. Chuck can't wait anymore and runs to give Olive a hug. Olive bites her lip to hold in the Big Secret. Emerson notes that Sister La Rue was Sister Half Assed when it came to cleaning the bell tower--the entire place is covered in bat crap. Olive tries to defend her friend, but her explanation is interrupted by the arrival of Mother Superior and Father Dedonde. Emerson introduces himself as Father Dowling, Vatican police. Oh I do love a good Father Dowling running gag. I wonder when the Father Dowling Mysteries will be joining their old fogie mystery brethren on the Hallmark Channel? Is Chuck masquerading as Sister Steve? No, she's Sister Christian. Oh dear. Now that song will be stuck in my head...Sigh. Ned is Father Mulcahy, which is appropriate to my mind because I've had the MASH theme song stuck in my head since Sister Larue's unfortunate worldly departure. Mother Superior looks quizzically at Emerson and Father Dedonde asks, "We assumed you would be Italian." Emerson explains that they are. Ned adds, "Part time." Chuck throws out, "Meaning our work is here, but our hearts are in Piazza San Pietro." Heh. Emerson quickly changes the subject, "Any idea why Sister Larue would be upset?" Mother Superior explains about the bad truffle crop and the strain on the convent's finances. Emerson asks to see the body as well as her room. Olive volunteers to help, but turns out she skipped vespers and has a penance list. No fun for Olive. Mother Superior takes Emerson to see the mortal remains.

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