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Nun on the Run

Olive is beside herself. She can't believe Sister Larue was murdered. She just wanted to disprove suicide, not uncover a murder in a convent. She wanted *****, not Agnes of God. She keeps ranting, "This can't happen. There are Ten Commandments and we follow all ten. This is my refuge, my home!" Emerson asks, "Do you want to share it with a homicidal maniac?" And Olive has to answer honestly, "No, not especially." But she does it very begrudgingly. She cracks me up. Emerson asks for the poop on the Larue. Did she ever mention diamonds or enemies? Olive claims everyone looked up to her. As she elaborates, Emerson has randomly decided to start knocking on walls. Obviously he discovers one is hollow. As he opens the shelves, an avalanche of CDs, magazines, and "top shelf fem care" comes tumbling down. It is all forbidden. There's a rustling outside and Olive opens the door to investigate. She opens the door and pulls in a young nun. Olive tells her to spill it to the papal fuzz. The nun explains that she tries so hard to be good, but there are times that she would kill for... candy corn. Olive looks scandalized as she explains that Sister Larue would get her some in exchange for doing her chores. She begs for forgiveness and Emerson hands her Olive's penance list. As the nun scurries off Chuck and Ned return to report that they saw Mother Superior coming out of a secret door. Olive and her top shelf fem care split while Emerson fills Ned and Chuck in on Sister Larue's smuggling operation. She was running goods for her sisters--Everything from lip gloss to romance novels. Since Sister Larue was raving about diamonds maybe she was "smuggling ice into the penguin house." If Mother Superior found the stash of diamonds, it would take just one push and the convent would be back in black. They all look very proud of themselves. And Chuck calls for a by proxy high five. She and Ned slap Emerson's irritable hands. He tells them to split before he "by proxy vomits." Heh.

Chuck heads to Mother Superior's office to distract her by looking at the visitor logs. Meanwhile, Emerson and Ned go to investigate the secret door. They find a room filled with black market merchandise and a recently re-mortared wall. Emerson announces it is "Jericho time" and made the wall come tumbling down. Hidden behind the wall is a stash of goods and a tunnel to parts unknown. Chuck is busily keeping Mother Superior busy by jabbering on about Sister Larue's lack of visitors. Mother Superior explains that a lot of families don't like their daughters joining the convent. She asks Chuck how her family reacted when she took the veil. Chuck doesn't understand the question, making Mother Superior suspicious. Her suspicions are furthered when Chuck claims she doesn't know if she will be going to heaven at all. All this talk about the future makes Chuck think about her past. She needs to call her genealogist.

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