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Nun on the Run

A quarter mile to the eat, PieBoy and Emerson Cod have followed the tunnel to a surprise door and a secret destination. Through a revolving shelf cum secret entrance they discover it is a restaurant kitchen. Through the porthole shaped window leading into the butcher shop, they spy someone hacking liberally with a meat cleaver. Ned guesses that he must be the chef. Emerson is not so sure. It could be Leatherface. Ha! Who doesn't like a good Leatherface reference? Ned is distracted by Leatherface's high-end kitchen gadgets. He is so busy admiring the Robocoupe that he doesn't notice that Leatherface is standing behind him with a cleaver. Yoinks!

Leatherface has tied up Ned and Emerson and is demanding to know where his Larue is. Emerson and Ned argue about whether Leatherface is German or Swiss German. I don't think nationality matters when someone is covered in blood and wielding a cleaver, but that's just me! Leatherface wants to know what happened to his Larue and Ned winces as he tells him that Larue is dead but he should consider the nonviolent nature of his homeland and put down the cutlery. Surprisingly, Leatherface drops the knife and starts to cry. The story is this: Leatherface was a famed Swiss German chef who wanted to conquer America. He opened a restaurant next to the convent where unbeknownst to him sister Larue found a door that hadn't been used since prohibition. She traded him truffles for the earthly delights her sequestered sisters craved. They dined together and then one day she surprised him with dessert. Ew, nuns makin' love. Leatherface was in love. As he serves Ned and Emerson an enormous truffle-laden meal, he explains that he went to look for Larue in the catacombs, but ran into Mother Superior's wall. He brings out a big truffle and Ned stares at it in awe. He is scarfing down food, but Emerson is all business. He asks about the last time Leatherface saw Larue. He says they made sweet love on the table. Emerson completely loses his appetite at the thought. He is equally distracted by a break-up letter he spies on the table. Larue dumped him? Emerson swipes the letter while Leatherface brings out the white truffle that Larue brought him. Ned stares at it googly eyed until Leatherface gives him a tiny taste. Leatherface explains that at four thousand dollars a pound it is no wonder they are called the diamonds of the culinary world. Emerson's ears perk up. As Ned shovels food into his mouth, Emerson pulls him back to the convent. Leatherface tells them that Larue was the love of his life and he will not rest until he finds out who killed her.

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