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Nun on the Run

Back at the convent, Emerson and Ned show Olive the Dear Leatherface letter. It says that he is a vile man and he should never try and see her again. Olive can't believe Sister Larue was up to all that. Emerson sums it up: nun dumps chef, nun walls chef out of tunnel, chef finds nun in bell tower, and it is raining nuns. Ned adds that the mystery diamond are actually Italian white truffles. Olive points out that she couldn't have white truffles. They are only in Italy. But everything else is good so with a quick "peace be with you and also with you," Olive scurries away. That was too easy. Emerson and Ned know something is up. Ned goes to find Olive. He is her friend and wants to talk. He offers to let her jab all her misplaced anger at Chuck away. Olive sputters, "I'm not mad at Chuck! I'm mad at you." Ned doesn't know what she's talking about. Olive explains that she had feelings for him that were not reciprocated. He just got over it, but she didn't and if she is going to have to get over him by herself she'd rather do it in somewhere she doesn't have to see him everyday. Besides, she can't go home. What if she slips and tells the secret to Chuck? Ned looks up, "What secret?" Olive is horrified. She backpedals, explaining that she must be speaking in tongues. Hallelujah! Ned won't let her off the hook. To make matters worse, he is totally telling Chuck that Olive knows a secret about her. Chuck will never it let rest until Olive spills so she might as well tell him. Olive begs, but Ned won't give up. He does offer to guess though. Olive puts him in front of a group picture of nuns from twenty-nine years ago. He doesn't get it. Is it a number puzzle? Freemasons? Something about the sacred feminine? Olive rolls her eyes and points at a nun. She looks fat. Not fat, pregnant! Olive pantomimes something. Ned has no idea what that means. Through a series of head-bangingly aggravating charades Ned finally realizes that the nun is Lily Charles. Aunt Lily had a baby twenty-nine years ago. He guesses that Chuck has a cousin! No no no. Ned finally figures it out. Lily is Chuck's mother! Olive sighs in relief. Ned feels like his head is going to explode. He now knows why Chuck couldn't complete her family tree--Everyone's been lying to her. He shakes his head as walks out of the room to go find Chuck. Olive reaches into her pocket and finds the Dear Leatherface letter. She recognizes the handwriting. It's Mother Superior's!

Ned finds Chuck sitting next to the dead nun. Chuck is down in the dumps. Ned was right, digging around in her past made her nothing but sore. Her genealogist couldn't find out any more about her past than she could as a third grader. Because of what she is, she's a person with no past and no future. She sighs and looks so hang-doggish that Ned swallows and confesses that he has something to tell her. Wait. What do you mean because of what you are? Chuck says that the sisters are claiming that Larue is haunting the bell tower. That she is not dead and not alive, but somewhere in between. Like her. Ned looks extremely uncomfortable with Chuck's dialogue. He doesn't believe in ghosts and Larue is right here. Chuck is inconsolable. She is totally alone. Stuck in between life and death. She didn't move on to where mom and dad are. She's just stuck and absolutely alone and she's not sure she can go on. At that Ned furrows his brow so intensely that his eyebrows are almost touching as he asks, "Are you saying you want me to touch you again?" Before Chuck can answer, Father Dedonde interrupts them. Chuck shakes her head and runs off leaving Ned sitting on the bench in shock. Father Dedonde needs help from Father Mulcahy. Poor Chuck! Poor Ned!

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