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First, however, she has to meet with Emerson, Ned and their client, Dusty. Remember Dusty, like a million pages ago? Right. They tell Dusty that they've discovered Kentucky was sabotaging the bees, that someone found out, and that she was killed because of it. Dusty is amazed. He says that Kentucky and Betty Bee had always been like sisters until Kentucky was asked to become the new face of the company. At least, Chuck tells him, they know Kentucky wasn't cheating on him. She, in fact, loved him very much. "If I was more comfortable with you people," Dusty says, "I'd cry." Chuck hugs him and says he can go ahead and cry, that it's okay. Emerson disagrees. "It is not okay," he says, as Ned shakes his head in agreement, "for a grown-ass man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families enjoying pie." He hunkers down to make his point perfectly clear. "If you can't hold it," he says, pointing in Dusty's face, "you take your ass to the men's room and cry in private on the toilet LIKE A MAN!" Sobbing, Dusty escapes: "I need to use the men's room!"

With Dusty gone, Chuck says she thinks she can get Kentucky's "88" key that Betty took from the desk tomorrow while Betty's not looking. Emerson shoots a look at Ned. "What?" Ned says. Emerson says he thought Ned was surely going to start squawking about how dangerous it would be for Chuck to go back to the office. "Squawk, squawk!" Chuck giggles as Ned blithely begins to defend himself. It's Chuck's life and she can live it like she wants, he says casually. "I can't expect her to sit inside all day and... HIDE!" Chuck rolls her eyes, saying she doesn't need to hide, but Ned has an alternate reason for his outburst. "HIDE YO' ASS," Emerson shouts as Ned dashes from the table having seen none other than Aunt Vivian through the window as she approaches the Pie Hole.

Intercepting her at the front door, Ned tells her that the Pie Hole has closed. They sit on a bench outside as Vivian tells her tale of woe. Lily has absconded with herself (and Olive) to parts unknown and left her all alone. "Home is my haven, now," she says. "Everything there reminds me of everything not there." Even everything in Chuck's room, she says -- all her books and her favorite pillow remain untouched as if she were still alive. "I didn't know she had a special pillow," Ned says, sad. "It was her father's," Vivian says. "I'm sure it's teaming with fungus and microscopic bugs that feed on flakes of human skin, but she was fond of it." Ned can identify all too well with Vivian's loneliness. "I know you loved having Charlotte safe at home," he says, "smiling from the other side of the room, but she's... moved out." Vivian looks at him strangely. "I mean ON," Ned corrects him. "She's moved on." He suggests kindly that maybe it's time for Vivian to move on as well, and let go of Chuck's pillow. "As the pie maker considered Chuck's worldly belongings," Jim Dale says, "and how Vivian clinged to them..."

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