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"... Olive was clinging to her own." Yes, Olive in the nunnery confusedly asks her Mother Superior why the porter has not yet come to bring her things to her room. "The poor, Sister," Mother Superior sighs. "The poor will come for your belongings. Part of your vow of poverty?" Olive says yeah, but she thought that was only a temporary vow and all, since she's only going to be a temporary nun. "Doncha have some kind of storage facility?" she asks, waving vaguely toward the convent. MoSup tells her that the convent is her home as long as she wants it, and that as long as she's there, she will live as a nun. "But, I like my belongings," Olive says. "That's why they belong to me. I want to be poor in other ways!" Mother Superior has to pause before solemnly explaining that the nuns strive to find value outside possessions. "Commit yourself," she says, "and you may even find that you wish to stay." Olive smiles. "Like a gym membership!" she says, winking at the nun in charge. "I can quit at any time?" Mother Superior sighs. "Gaaaaaaahd..." she groans before pulling it together, "...in His wisdom... has led you here, take refuge and hide your secret from the world... and once your baby is born, you can return to the outside world." WHOA! Olive laughs uncomfortably. "Whoa, hold that pregnant pause!" she says, revealing that she is not at all pregnant unless it is by Immaculate Conception, "or unless I wore a strange man's underwear..." As Olive appears to contemplate when she might have done that, the Mother Superior says she had just assumed Olive was pregnant, based on who brought her there. "This is where Lily came to have Chuck?" Olive gasps, but is interrupted when the poor arrive to drag away her stuff. Fruitlessly she tries to stop them -- "Listen, poor kid!" -- but it is all for naught. "My couch..." she says, and watches as it's all borne away.

Meanwhile, back at the hive, Chuck is shocked to come in to find that Betty's assistant, Giancarlo, has been replaced by none other than Ned! Seems that after receiving a pie from what he believed was a secret admirer in accounting, Giancarlo came down with what can only be described as extreme intestinal distress (this commentary, provided by Jim Dale, was unfortunately accompanied by muted gagging sounds, but I heard them... oh, I heard them). "You pruned his pie?" Chuck asks, amazed. Ned: "Sent him home with the scoots!" Then, he says, he hid in HR, waited for them to call Happy Time Temp Agency, called the temp people back to cancel the order, and later appeared as the new receptionist bearing a smile and a pleasant attitude. (Aw! Nice little call back.) Despite the reality that what we're talking about here is Ned causing someone to have violent diarrhea, Chuck thinks this is the most romantic story she's ever heard. Well, you know, people have different needs. Who am I to judge? Anyway, Chuck says she certainly is no position to bag on him for dosing someone's pie. Emerson sighs as he overhears all this on Chuck's bee bug (hee!): "He is stalking you," he says to the empty air as Ned concurrently makes the same observation, that he may be stalking Chuck, up in the hive. Really, though, it isn't stalking, he tells Chuck -- he wants to be close to her when danger may be afoot. It's just good, old fashioned chivalry he shouts into the bee bug, and Emerson rolls his eyes anew.

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