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Bee Mine

Just then, Betty bursts from her office, causing Chuck to duck and cover and allowing Ned to facilitate Betty's absence from her office as he follows her out of the building so that Chuck can sneak into her desk and steal the secret "88" key. "She found the key exactly where Betty Bee had put it," Jim Dale says, "and she made an equally important discovery of a different kind." Yes! On another table in the office she finds a framed news clipping of the young Betty Bee, standing in front of the Honey House (hilariously wearing a beard of bees), which happened to have had the house number of 88! Little does Chuck know, however, that she is being watched! BY THE TERRIFYING BEE MAN! Aaaaaaand... commercial!

Bursting into Betty's office following the sounds of Chuck's screams, Ned and Emerson find her cov... co... covered in bees. Aiiiiee! "Chuck! I told you this was dangerous," Ned says. "Just because you're alive again doesn't mean you can't be dead again! There's a reason I don't let Digby play in traffic... I suppose we can talk about this later." Strategizing, he picks up a coat rack and uses it to propel Chuck's chair towards Emerson. "Why you pushing her towards me?!" Emerson screams. Ned: "Because you're standing in front of the door!" Oh, yeah. Emerson opens the big honeycomb door to the outside, and as Ned rolls Chuck toward it, she spits a small box into the open air, causing the whole hive to stream off of her and away into nature. "What happened to you?" Ned asks as Chuck clings to Emerson, who hates it. What happened, Jim Dale tells us, is this: the Terrifying Bee Man held a small cube in his mouth, which contained the queen of the hive. When Chuck screamed he SPIT IT into HER mouth, at which point the queen signaled the hive to attack Chuck. Ah, but Chuck, having lifelong experience with bees, kept a cool head and an open mind and the bees did not perceive her as an enemy, but saw her as a nest. AS IF THAT IS BETTER? Eeeee, I am still not over the bees. Anyway, Chuck survives to live another day, and shows her partners the picture she found of Betty Bee and her bee beard. Ned says Betty escaped his detection on the way out of the building, leaving her ample time to come back and wiggity-whack Chuck as the Terrifying Bee Man. "Well, my wiggity wasn't whacked," Chuck says, and they head off to investigate the Honey House.

Meanwhile, Olive has entered the confessional. What better place to unleash your secrets, right? "Forgive me, Father," she says, "for I am going to file a police report on all my worldly possessions." She knows it's greedy and wrathful, she says, but she's just not fitting in in nunville. "A HA!" she hears from the other side of the screen. It's Lily. She's been watching Olive since she got there to make sure Olive didn't try to leave. "It's your fault I'm here!" Olive says. "You and your damn secrets! I've spent so much time prayin', I've run out of things to say. I'm having awkward silences with God!" She says she wants to go home. "Where's home?" Lily snarks. If Olive wants to spend all her time praying that the man she worships will give her some sign of his love, hell, she can do that in the nunnery, where she can commiserate with other nuns. Oh, good one, Lily. "Nuns aren't my people," she says, "unless you're telling me flibbertigibbet is a title of respect." Lily smirks. "You know things about me nobody knows," she says. "This place knows things about me nobody knows." Olive: "You mean that you holidayed here thirty years ago and found a baby in a cabbage patch? And by cabbage patch, I mean your lady parts?" How Swoosie Kurtz keeps from laughing, I don't know. She says Vivian must never know the truth about Chuck's parentage. She thought Lily had been apprenticing in France at a world-class fromagerie. Olive asks why Lily just didn't tell Vivian the truth. "Charlotte's father," Lily says, "my lover, was Vivian's fiancé." Olive slams her hands over her ears. "You did NOT just tell me another secret!" she whisper-screams. "You're a homewrecker, too!" Olive says that Vivian told her that Chuck thought her mother died in childbirth. "What does it matter what she thought?" Lily asks. "She's dead now." Olive looks shocked. "Oh, look at you, all pious," Lily says. "You'd think you'd fit right into the nunnery. Hell, it might even do you some good." Olive: "Who are you, the good-for-me police?" Lily ain't buying it. She knows, she says, Olive's got other issues going on than the secrets she holds for Lily. She suggests Olive stick around the nunnery and work out her "man problems" in the man-free environment.

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