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Bee Mine

Speaking of uncomfortable, Ned is, at this moment, feeling thus on the roof of the building where, you'll also remember, Chuck's beloved bee colony lives. Except, well, they're suddenly all dead due to, as Jim Dale drones (ha!), "rogue pesticides." Yes, it's a tragedy, but only a temporary one. All it takes to bring back the hive is a semi-nude Ned. "This will go better if you wear less clothes," Chuck tells him, making sure he strips to his drawers. To be fair, she says, she has also shucked to her silky intimates (naturally she wears a very beautiful, very expensive set of lingerie that causes me to squirm with jealousy). Of course, it stops being fair when she fully suits up in her beekeeper ensemble, leaving Ned to stand around hunched in his boxers while he waits to do his bee-to-skin duty. "There are a thousand dead bees here," Chuck sighs. "I don't want a thousand butterflies to die because you bring my bees back to life." Ned puts a positive spin on it. There is currently a water bug infestation in the building's drainpipes, he says. Maybe if he touches all the bees back to life, a thousand water bugs will die as a result. She reminds him that last time she asked him to bring something back to life, he said no. Yes, but that was when she asked him to bring back her dead dad who has, by the way, been dead and buried for a very long time. Ned rightly points out that it would have been weird, if not actively traumatic, to see Mr. Charles again. Isn't this cute, them talking about her dead dad? No. Especially their blasé attitude about it after we spent whole episodes last season watching them both be tortured by the "Ned killed my dad" realization. She says to have her father back even for a minute would have been ghoulish, she realizes, but also really sweet, "like a taxidermied pet or stuffing someone's ashes in a teddy bear." Chuck has weird ideas about what "sweet" means. Wouldn't Ned want to see his own dad again, even if it was only for a minute, she asks? He says that would be pretty awkward, seeing as how he has neither seen nor heard from the man in 20 years. "I'll stick to bees," he says, sadly. "At least they know what home is." Chuck sighs and tells him his bee rescue is very, very sweet. (This time she is right.) "And, will probably sting," Ned points out. On that score, Chuck advises him not to offend the bees. "How will I offend the bees?" he nervously asks, but it's too late. She is already pouring out the dead hive across his naked skin and, in a really beautiful scene, watching them rejuvenate in a swirl of sparkling life. Awesome. Seeing that made me hate bees a little less for a moment.

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