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Are you ready for some meanwhiles? I mean, do you think you're strong enough, because these are pretty big meanwhiles I'm talking about. Prepare yourselves... Jim Dale relates that elsewhere, Olive does her born duty as the Pie Hole's waitress, delivering sweetness to every table while still heavy with her painful secrets. She not only knows Chuck is supposed to be dead (though she believes Chuck faked her death and knows nothing of Ned's powers), but she knows Aunt Lily is really Chuck's mother. All of this would already be too much, but it's compounded by her own undying (see what I did?) love for Ned. Elsewhere, Emerson Cod fills the hours between clients working on his own pop-up book, combining his love for pop-ups with his detective skills to create the truly genius work of art Li'l Gum Shoe. "I love you, Li'l Gum Shoe," he says, and it's so cute, I almost die, especially when I notice his stress-knitted typewriter cozy. This lovely moment is interrupted by the case of the week. "My wife has been murdered," a desperate man cries as he bursts into the office. "Well," Emerson retorts, "what the po-po got to say about your wife being murdered?" The dude explains that the police think her death was a work-related incident, but that he knows different. His wife was having an affair he says. "Says she was gonna leave me... or him... I couldn't tell which," he says. "She wasn't using proper nouns! But thank God I was eavesdropping." Emerson asks what line of work the wife was in. "Bees," the guy says. "You know anything about bees?" Emerson blanches. "I know somebody," he grimaces thinking of his love-hate relationship with The Dead Girl, "who knows somebody." He pulls himself together, for the greater good. "Let me just say that I am sorry about your loss. And that I do accept credit cards."

Give us the facts, Jim Dale! Kentucky Fitz, wife of Dusty, the new client, was the new head bee girl for Betty's Bees ("trademark," JD adds). She was a mere 26 years, blah blah days/minutes old when she was found stung to death behind the wheel of her beemobile. Scary, but not as scary as what we see next when the gang visits our beloved coroner at his place of biz to get the scoop from Kentucky. He leads them to the two dead bodies he currently has in residence. "Which one is Kentucky Fitz?" Ned asks. Coroner: "Biscuits." Noting their confusion he points out that one body is lying heels-up ("you got biscuits"), distinguishing it from its toes-up ("you got shrimps") neighbor. I wish there a way to describe how funny the coroner is... the guy is just incredible. Emerson is frustrated that their dead chick is face down and asks for something to flip her over with. "Why you gotta flip her over?" the coroner asks with unlimited sarcasm as he raises his hand for his weekly bribe. "It ain't like you gon' be havin' a conversation."

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