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Bee Mine

Ah, but as we know, that's exactly what they'll be having and as soon as he leaves, Chuck pulls back the sheet to reveal a very swollen dead lady, covered with many, many nasty bee stings. Ned gives her a touch on the biscuit. Don't bother being grossed out by that, for it will soon get so much grosser. For whatever reason, Kentucky has a Kentucky accent, which would be annoying if it weren't so funny to hear her snark out a "Realleh?" as Ned accidentally ogles her naked, stung body while she rolls over. She explains that no, she wasn't cheating on Dusty, but that she maybe was up to some mischief the night she died. In fact, she admits, she was sabotaging Betty's Bees. "Betty had it coming," she seethes, and says that while she was working on the sabotage, all the lights went out and out of the darkness a terrible creature came upon her, spit something at her, and swarmed her with bees. "That's terrifying," Ned whispers, frozen in place. "THAT'S TERRIFYING," he adds, just for good measure. Given the five-second warning by Ned, Emerson and Chuck concurrently hit Kentucky with their final questions. Emerson asks how she doing her sabotaging while Chuck, ever the goody-goody, wants to know her last wishes. To Emerson's great frustration, Kentucky answers Chuck first, saying her only concern is that Dusty not have to be alone. "Yeah, yeah," Emerson cuts in, "how'd you sabotage Betty's Bees?" Fixing him with her bee-stung eyes, Kentucky snaps that she did it "with a lotta might," and is prevented from saying more by Ned's just-in-time rekilling jab. Emerson is overcome with snark: "We don't know what she was doin'," he says, "but we know that it took a lotta effort." No one has time to respond, however, as a strange buzzing sound can be heard from Kentucky's body. "She still breathing?" Emerson asks, jumping back in alarm. Chuck looks horrified to report that "that's not breathing." OH, NO. INDEED IT IS NOT. Guaranteeing that I will never close my eyes in peace again, we find to our horror that the buzzing sound is, in fact, the newly awakened swarm of bees INSIDE KENTUCKY'S BODY which are NOW FLYING out of her MOUTH. Good loooooooooooord, it is horrible. The team escapes the morgue to find the coroner at his desk, regarding them coolly: "I told you not to turn her over."

Back at the Pie Hole, Ned is realizing with dread how close he might have come to sharing Kentucky's fate while doing his little trick on the roof in his shorts. "I could have been swarmed in my underwear," he shivers, and Emerson berates him for assaulting his imagination. Chuck feels bad for Kentucky. It was a horrible way to die, she says, being stung by thousands of little stingers. "Like little stinging secrets," Olive says, flatly, arriving at the table with pie. "They don't just sting you once; they keep stinging you until you're bloated and full of pus." And it is a measure of her greatness that the Chenoweth made that sound so cute. The thing is, I almost could not even hear what she was saying, because the soundtrack is turned up so very loud here. Don't drown yourself in your own awesomeness, show. The music is fantastic, but I have to squint my ears to hear the dialogue sometimes, and that is a crime. Anyway, they note that Kentucky was probably killed because of her attempts to sabotage Betty's Bees. "Boy, Kentucky sure had it in for Betty," Chuck says, "but who had it in for Kentucky?" Ned shivers: "The Terrifying Bee Man." Chuck, loving the horror, wonders if Kentucky couldn't see her killer's face because he didn't have one, because he was really just a swarm of bees walking around in a people shape. What if, she goes on, there's a whole society of people-shaped bee swarms strolling the streets out there, and they don't even know! Despite this nightmare image, Ned smiles. "You're thinking of how you can train your bees to walk around in people shapes, aren't you?" Chuck: "yep."

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