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Chuck and Emerson decide that Chuck will have to give Betty the shakedown to find out what's what at the beehive. "No!" Ned insists. "No shaking! What if someone from Betty's Bees finds out you're a spy? Spying is a lot like sabotage in that they kill you for it." That's what is done with spies and saboteurs he says, and no one feels bad about it because of the spying and sabotaging. Chuck brushes this off, saying they're not going to kill her during office hours. "Yeah," Emerson says as Olive walks up. "Stop trying to spook my inside man!" Ned says again that she could die. "And you're already dead," Olive reminds her, sidling up. Before, however, they can enter into a four-way argument, a new layer is added to the already saturated scene. "Told you she wasn't dead," we hear in snarky tones, and everyone realizes at once that the worst has happened -- Lily and Vivian have entered the Pie Hole! "If I could breathe," Ned whispers, while Olive's mouth hangs open, "I would vomit." Somehow, Chuck has spirited away with Emerson into the kitchen, impossibly unseen by the aunts. In fact, when speaking of the undead just now, Lily was referring to none other than Olive, which is distressingly brought home during the lecture Olive is now receiving from Vivian. "Every week a delicious life-giving pie and then nothing!" she cries. "I thought you were dead. And so soon after Charlotte! I was beginning to take everyone's dying personally." Aw. Lily says with a stern one-eyed look at Olive, who still stands speechless in shock, that she had tried to stop Vivian from coming, but by the time she discovered her intent, Vivian was already on the bus. "Lily was very tenacious," Vivian says, "she tried to get me to come home in six consecutive stops." Tersely and with an unspoken warning, Lily says that Vivian has come all this way to find out why Olive stopped delivering pies. "I'm... really flakey," Olive stutters, and honestly, why doesn't she have an Emmy again? "That's what I told her," Lily says, overly-loud, and while Vivian rambles that really, her sadness is not about the pies (though they are so lovely and vivid), Olive fumbles out, saying she's "gotta... go get somebody... somethin'."

In the kitchen, Chuck rounds on her, saying that if she hadn't stopped delivering pies, the aunts wouldn't have shown up. "All this time I've been making them special pies, and..." Chuck cries, but Olive interrupts. "And dosing them with God knows what!" she says. "You claim that it's vanilla, but that ain't vanilla!" Emerson is about to knock heads. "I'ma dose the both of you with a scoop of shut the fudge up!" As Olive nervously emerges from the kitchen, pie in hand, Jim Dale intones that the weight of so many secrets was beginning to wear on the pint-sized pie seller. She shoves the pie into Vivian's hands and tries to back away as Vivian whines on and Lily shoots evermore menacing glares in Olive's direction, hoping to keep her quiet. But, look, Olive is TIRED of keeping quiet. Finally, she breaks. "I got somethin' to say!" she yells suddenly. "And I'm gonna say it to you [Lily], and you [Ned], and you and your hump [Emerson and Chuck, who is hiding on his back under a trench coat, causing me to laugh for five solid minutes]." As Olive tries to gather her strength, Jim Dale explains -- Olive was cracking under the strain of knowing that Chuck was still alive, that Lily was Chuck's mother and she wanted badly to release the secrets but, instead, what came out, was a blood-curdling scream. What a scream it is, too. "What's gotten into you?" Ned asks, so appalled by the scream that he's obviously forgotten that Olive can bust his dead girlfriend knowledge wide open. "I am a sawed-off shotgun full of secrets!" she growls. Vivian: "Did she say she was armed?!" Olive says no, she doesn't have a gun, she IS a gun. "At any moment, truth buckshot could come spewing out of my muzzle! LOOK OUT!" In unison, but for different reasons, Ned and Lily say "that's enough." Olive: "Truer words were never spoken. This rifle is gonna go away in a little satin-lined case with the trigger locked and the safety on. I quiiiiit!" She sings it out, crazily, answering Vivian's exhortations that she needs a drink by saying, even more crazily that she's not thirsty. No, she's tendering her resignation, she says. "And resigning my tenders to the cold, harsh reality of what's not meant to be."

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