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Chinese, If You Please

The subsequent poker game with these dudes checking under their dim sum pot lids... this is just so clever and funny. I really love it. Ned gets the info on Bao's bet by teasing it out of Shrimpboy, who admits he bet with Bao, but only for his cousin, who is bad with the ladies. I love Shrimpboy, by the way. He is one hot Chinese gangsta. He further reveals that Bao had nothing left to bet with after losing Mei in the game, so Shrimpboy kicked him out the game. Hmm. Looking like Shrimpboy might be innocent. Meanwhile, in the hallway, a busboy walks by the men's room which now features a "closed for cleaning" sign, and hears loud banging. It's the two bodyguards of course, and to cover their noise, Olive uses her mop handle to clang one of the restaurant gongs. "Keep walking!" she yells at the busboy. "I LOVE GONGS! Nothing wrong with that!"

Back at the table, Emerson and Ned go through the motions of the game while Chuck whispers with them about other possible suspects. Finally, everything becomes clear to them. It wasn't Shrimpboy who killed Bao over a bet -- why would he? Bao had lived up to his word in handing Mei over to Rubbie. Aha! Rubbie! What if, Emerson postulates, Bao's real last bet was to try to win Mei back from Rubbie himself. Since he had no money, maybe he bet his life insurance policy, which of course Rubbie could only collect on when he died. "Rubbie," Chuck concludes in horror, "murdered Bao!"

It looks like everything's about to come up roses for the gang -- especially when Emerson lifts his dim sum lids to reveal a four-of-a-kind shrimp dumpling hand that beats all -- but Rubbie spoils the day. Emerson's 'fro is ripped off, the whole crew is tied up and Rubbie holds them at gunpoint. "Hey, Crabcake," Olive snarks at Shrimpboy, "you help him, and you're an accessory. And I'm not talkin' Gucci handbag, I'm talkin' hard time in the pen! The joint! The hoosegow! The Forbidden City!" Awesome, though it's hard to take her seriously when she has a big Chinese red fan sticking out of her wig. Rubbie, though, seems willing to support Rubbie's bet -- bets are sacred -- and JD explains the facts once more. Rubbie's the one who talked Bao into the life insurance angle of the bet, and then, once he had beaten Bao, decided to collect on it, immediately, and rigged up the steamer to kill Bao.

Struck by the truth at last, Mei is ashamed of the way she treated her father. She realizes now that he had been risking his life for her happiness. This strikes Ned, as well. He had always believed his father's actions in abandoning him spoke for themselves. But, what if there was more to it? He is musing on this when suddenly Simone arrives. "No one locked the door?" Rubbie sighs in frustration to his henchmen, but Simone poses little threat to him, only being there to hassle Emerson. "I don't think this would be the best time," Emerson says, indicating the uh, dangerous nature of the situation. "And when would be the best time?" Simone snits back with the full support of Bubblegum. "Certainly not earlier when you dived into your car to hide from me." Emerson tries to interrupt: "See, you don't understa..." CLICK! Simone goes on, advancing on the tied up Emerson: "I require loyalty, honesty and respect, qualities you've done an extraordinary job of not showing. From now on, you will not speak to me. CLICK!" Emerson: "But, I..."

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