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Chinese, If You Please
Simone: "Or call me. CLICK!"
Emerson: "But, I..."
Simone: "Or come within 20 feet. CLICK!"
Emerson: "But, I..."
Simone: "And STOP calling me ButtEye."

Do I even need to tell you how hard I fricking laughed at ButtEye? I seriously was gasping, GASPING. Such beautiful timing from the brilliant Chi McBride and the gorgeously evil Christine Adams who plays Simone. They are perfection.

Anyway, her tirade complete, Simone suddenly notices that, hmm, there seem to be some dudes with guns? And everyone else is tied up? "What's going on?" she asks in confusion when the Chinese henchmen put guns to her head. Rubbie sees this as his chance to get away and starts untying the very unwilling Mei in order to drag her along. She doesn't make it easy on him, and our beloved Bubblegum does not either, trotting over to bark at... Rubbie's pants? "Do you have food in your pockets?" Simone asks, suspiciously. He nervously denies it, but Chuck sees all -- she says she was waiting on him when he beat Shrimpboy at the early poker game, and she bets he won by hiding the winning pork bun in his pocket. "Cheater!" she cries. "Cheater, cheater, cheater, cheater!" Why he doesn't shoot her, I don't know. Emerson says Rubbie was probably also cheating when he played Bao in that fateful game. "Yeah," Ned says, looking at Shrimpboy, "and around here, a bet is sacred, right?" Shrimpboy is forced to agree. "While there were things Shrimpboy could forgive," Jim Dale tells us as Shrimpboy dumps dumplings out of Rubbie's pockets, "such as homicide, kidnapping and illegal poker, he drew the line at cheating." Yeah, he also remembered all those poker games he has been playing with ol' cousin Rubbie throughout his life -- and all the many times he's lost. So, as Rubbie had obviously been cheating when he won Mei's hand, Shrimpboy deemed that engagement non-binding, and released her along with Ned and the gang. Smugly, Mei tosses her engagement ring into the air, free at last. "Ooh, sparkly!" Olive says, gleefully catching it and putting it on. For his part, Rubbie caught nothin' but a case -- he went, as Olive predicted, to the hoosegow.

Later, Emerson is forced to confront the truth to Simone. "Look, you're all about control, and I'm not gon' deny, it's a turn on," he tells her. "But, you never show your cards." He says he cooled things off with her because he figured if he went all in, he'd end up on the street with a tin cup. But when she barged into the restaurant to tell him off, it showed a whole new Simone. Someone with a shred of vulnerability. And hell, he says, a shred's better than nothing. "All I'm saying is," he says, as she finally cracks a smile, "is you show me your cards, and I'll show you mine." Love! Even Jim Dale is carried away with romance when he tells us that while some people are terrified of a gamble, and others can't say no to them, the best approach lies somewhere in the middle.

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