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Chinese, If You Please

Ned is taking the same approach, himself. On the steps of his brothers' house, he hesitates. "It's easier to make assumptions about why Dad did what he did," he tells Chuck, "than admit I don't know." He says he doesn't know his family, or what it would be like to know them, and the finding out part makes him a little queasy. Chuck assures him she'll be right there, whatever happens, and he finally rings the doorbell. Cutie patooties Maurice and Ralston come to the door and, with curiosity, say hello. "Hi, I'm Ned," Ned says nervously. "And, I'd thought I'd stop by because... well, basically, we have the same dad." The twins break into huge, sweet smiles as they push through the door to put their arms around Ned, who looks amazed and helpless as he hugs them back and stares at Chuck. It's so cute, and I might have cried... except, you know, Jimmy D is never just going to let the show end where you think it's going to end. Sure, Ned's up there hugging his cute brothers, but who's this parked on the curb, spying on them all? None other than Dwight Dixon. With a GUN. And while Ned mused in his heart that this gamble, meeting his brothers, might pay off in ways he could never predict, JD tells us ominously that Dwight quite agrees.

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