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Chinese, If You Please

Betting on Chuck, though, has made Ned happier than he had ever been in his life -- especially when she feeds him a little bit of her latest creation, spring passion fruit pie. "Now, I know it's not spring here," she says as Ned's eyes crinkle with love, "but it is in New Zealand, which is exotic and upside down... which is how we could serve it." Natch, he is fully charmed by this, and says they can put it on the menu. "I like daring men!" Chuck says, excited. Ned: "It seems, since you arrived, Cautious Ned has left the building." Well, not really, but who is to argue with those eyebrows?

They are interrupted by Olive, coming in to point out a new guy in one of the booths. "The handsome, brooding older man with the sensual twinkle?" she asks, getting specific with the pointing. "Plus, he smells good." Ned blanches. "He mumbled something odd to me earlier," he says nervously. "Do you ever shiver when you pee?" he asks. "That's how I felt when he spoke." My goodness, what an apt representation of the creeps. And, you can see how the dude freaked him, when we hear that as Ned was giving him a coffee refill, the customer commented that Ned's pie was "as good as your mother's." Whaaa? Hearing this, Chuck is rightly eeked. Ned says he wasn't sure, though, if the guy was talking about his own personal mother, or the general, iconic American Mother that made one long for baked goods. "If someone said someone to me about my family," Chuck cringes, "it'd give me the piss-jitters, but I'd ask them about it, not hide in a kitchen." See, now... ABC, if you cancel this show, this show that can use the term "piss-jitters" and make it seem lightheartedly funny and inoffensive... shame on you. For her part, Olive remains enamored of the twinkly-eyed stranger played by Stephen Root, who never fails to be eccentrically hilarious.

Ned, challenged by Chuck's comment, takes a shot with the mystery man, offering a slice of free triple-plum to offset any awkwardness over his curiosity about the mother comment. "Nervous talker," the dude notices. "Like your dad." Ned shivers anew. "This complicates things," he says. "You may need to pay for the pie." The strangers laughs kindly and finally introduces himself as Dwight Dixon. He was friends with Ned's dad 25 years ago. This causes Ned to reel a bit, but Olive and Chuck leap in to keep him from escaping. Olive, for one, is delighted to meet the flirtatious gentleman, and "Kitty," as Chuck introduces herself, is certainly curious as well. "You knew Ned's parents?" she asks. Dwight says yeah, he knew them when they were dating. It was the peak of peach season, he says, and when Ned's mom baked a brown sugar crust, his dad never had a chance. "They never mentioned you," Ned says, suspiciously. Dwight: "Oh, I was in the service. Back before you were born." He says he knows Ned's dad wasn't much of a reminiscer, so that's probably why Ned's never heard of him. Seems Dwight is trying to track down Ned's dad. "You've got his face, you know," Dwight says. "Around the eyes." Poor Ned has a pang. "I'm afraid," he answers coolly, "we lost touch. Twenty years ago." Dwight remarks that that's a shame, that he would love to see him, and Ned rushes away, saying he doesn't intend to help find him.

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