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Chinese, If You Please

Ned is still a little mad, he says, but he lets them off the hook. "It was wrong to be sneaky, but I was trying not to be pushy," Chuck admits, "and replacing sneaky with pushy was a big mistake." Olive agrees. Chuck says she knows Ned, though, and that even if he says he doesn't need the connection to his brothers, everyone needs family. "You're my family," Ned says so sweetly I almost get diabetes. He adds that Olive is, too, to a slightly lesser degree. "Thanks, to a slightly lesser degree," she replies. Ned says he's spent his life not having anything in common with his dad, which is a good thing. But, he says, if he reaches out to his brothers, it will probably make his dad feel good, wherever he is, and he doesn't want that. "If that seems petty and vindictive and small," he concludes, "think of it as an homage to my father and the tiny part of us that is the same." Aw, snap. Vicious.

Meanwhile, Emerson -- whose "mutual decision" to cool things off with Simone was, JD tells us, not mutual -- has come up with the only way to get close to Shrimpboy. Time for an undercover operation. While Chuck and Olive dress up as the two most UnChinese Chinese waitresses and Chuck doses Shrimpboy's bodyguards with herbs in their tea which are known "to cause an uncomfortable sense of fullness in the bladder." Just as Shrimpboy appears to have triumphed yet again over Cousin Rubbie in the first hand of the poker game, the herbs take effect. "Boss," the biggest guard says, leaning up to Shrimpboy. "I got an uncomfortable fullness of the bladder." Hee. His colleague feels the same, and the two are dispatched to the restroom where they are summarily locked in by Olive, who receives the door key in a slick Ocean's 11 handoff from Chuck. Good work, ladies. Next up, Emerson and Ned roll into the poker game looking so awesome, there are barely any words. Emerson, dressed in his supahflyest supahfly menswear, short and tight afro included, brings in Ned, rocking the epitome of the Texas oilman look and playing a mark being lead to slaughter. "What's up playahs?" Emerson asks, sliding in smoothly. He introduces himself as "Jimmy the Ace" and gives Shrimpboy a rambling rundown of his fake credentials to be there, confidentially whispering that he's brought Ned, the ultimate big fish, so that they all may pick him clean. Shrimpboy can't resist and lets them in the game. "Have a seat, playah," Shrimpboy tells Ned. "It's a grand buy-in; hope that's not a problem." Ned pulls out a bank stack and hands it off to the waitress running the game. "Oh, I always carry loose change," he smarms, looking so cute in his Western wear and Magnum 'stache I want to cry. Emerson does the same, though it does pain him to hand over his cash. "You got the kung-fu grip", he grouches, but finally releases the money.

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