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Wonderfallen Into The Deep Sleep
We first got to know producer Bryan Fuller with Wonderfalls, the short-lived Fox series in which a slacker working in a gift shop is sent on missions from talking merchandise. Now, he's brought the world ABC's Pushing Daisies, featuring a pie baker mysteriously endowed with the power to bring the dead back to life with his touch. If Daisies turns out to be as big a hit as the critics seem to think it should be, Fuller will be justified in adding "death" to "whimsy" as his TV trademarks -- as one can plainly see in this top-secret list TWoP has acquired, detailing his future projects: Bought The Farm Cornelius Bridger (Nick Stahl) is a driven -- and seemingly content -- Wall Street type, until his dead girlfriend Millicent Spoot (Amber Tamblyn) comes to him in a dream and tells him he isn't living up to his destiny: he needs to give up his loft in Tribeca and buy a farm outside Eden, NY. Confused but moved, Corny drops everything to carry out Millicent's orders, purchasing a modest corn plantation from Hortense McPhail (Cloris Leachman), but keeping her on his payroll for her guidance and expertise, because what does a Stanford MBA know from corn farming? What Corny didn't realize when he signed the deed -- but soon finds out -- is that the farm is more than it seems. At night, Corny's dead loved ones return and walk amongst the stalks, giving Corny other pieces of advice on how to bring more meaning to his life. This turns out to be both a blessing and a curse: Corny still has unfinished business with Millicent, and having contact with her again almost tricks him into think they're a real couple again...but will her presence scuttle Corny's budding friendship (and maybe more!) with Calliope Biggles (Autumn Reeser), curatrix of Eden's famed Kazoo Museum?

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