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While You're At It, Keep The Nightlight On Inside The Birdhouse In Your Soul

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

Hopefully, this is a very long drive, because the album's best song is called "Letterbox," and "Letterbox" doesn't come until Side Two.

In a more subdued car, Ned, Chuck, and Emerson head toward the windmill, Ned expressing annoyance about HandholdingGate, which finds Ned discovering he still can't touch Chuck again and Emerson ending the scene, "We're taking two cars next time." Love this show. This scene is filler.

Lefty ties Elsita to a chair for some reason, while she talks about growing up in a life of windmills. Meanwhile, he tells her that he has a lot on his mind and that he's in a rush, Elsita asks where he's running to, and he tells her he doesn't know. Who are all these people? What is going on? Is this the amazing adventures of Triangle Man and Particle Man? What's he like? It's not important. Particle man.

Pigeon hurls itself into Elsita's windmill house, and she brings it inside as Lefty says that that's his bird as well. They look for the note as Olive walks in holding the message, which Elsita takes from her hand. It turns out that Elsita is the daughter of the woman who owned the windmill where Jackson dumped the diamonds, right before the cops came in and hauled Jackson off. The wrote each other for twenty years and sent messages via carrier pigeon, and when Jackson died, he passed the message of where the diamonds were stashed to Lefty. When Elsa died, Elsita kept writing to Jackson, and she discovers that Lefty took over writing the letters after Jackson died. When Lefty broke out of jail, he hijacked the crop-dusting plane, and Pigeon flew out the window and lost a wing in the propeller, which crashed the plane and OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CONFUSING THIS IS LIKE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A CHEKHOV PLAY WHERE EVERYONE HAS FOUR NAMES AND NO ONE EVER EXPLAINS WHO'S WHO EXCEPT THIS IS BETTER BECAUSE IT HAS MORE THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS BUT I MEAN GAAAAAAAAAH. Anyway, Elsa has the diamonds hidden in her leg or some such thing, because that is where this episode has taken us.

And then, a knock on the door, and Olive checks the peephole to discover, among others, Chuck, on the other side. Her moment has finally come to expose Chuck for the not-dead beee-yotch she totally is, but then...well, it's like in the TMBG song "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair" when they sing so meaningfully, "It's the ugliness man, Mr. Horrible." Just kidding. Don't look for any actual insight in those songs. But Olive has grown so fond of the aunts that she doesn't want to totally freak them out, so she steps outside and tells Chuck that she's there on a tart apple pie delivery, which sends the coded message that her aunts are inside. Olive goes back inside and hustles the aunts out the back, but back in the car, Lily takes a deep breath and says, "I don't think we've been out since...Charlotte?" She spots Charlotte in her rearview mirror, but with one turn more of the windmill blade, she's gone. The police come to take Lefty Jackson Conrad Harry Larry Marry away, and we learn that the long-distance relationship between Lefty and Elsita kept going. And, finally, Ned and Chuck don beekeeper outfits and dance among the bees on the roof of the Pie Hole. This show is crazy.

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