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While You're At It, Keep The Nightlight On Inside The Birdhouse In Your Soul

Anyway, they dig up Jackson, who apparently doesn't have any eyes, so Chuck pops her glasses on him and Ned is all, Stop, Zombie time! Jack pops up out of his grave, looking like a crazy David Lynch in white designer lady's sunglasses. Which is, I'm sure, at some point an outfit that the actual David Lynch has worn, probably also while lying in an open grave. But unlike most cadavers, Jack isn't quite as receptive to telling them exactly what they want to know, though he finally tells them that they should go to something called Von Roenn and find a farm or windmill or something. Uh-oh. I don't have a good feeling re: my earlier prediction about windmills.

Back at Aunt Subplots house, the aunts talk about performing taxidermy on birds (how often do you get to say that about a network television show?), until Olive is sooooooort of subtly able to segue into the sad case of Charlotte leaving them. Auntie Eye Patch fact-checks that she didn't leave. In fact, she died. The conversation turns back to the pigeon, whom the aunts have added a new wing to. Happiness ensues, as the world of Pushing Daisies gains yet another undead Frankenstein.

Ned, Chuck, and Emerson (I feel like I need some kind of kitschy nickname for the three of them, but...meh, I'm only doing one recap) enter the Papen County Historical Society Museum, where a woman at a desk appears to be yet one more victim of muuuuuuuurder. Emerson takes us to the act out with the dramatic, "Lefty Lem has officially taken the lead." Who killed the museum lady? I don't know, but you're shifty.

When we return from commercials, we learn that, in fact, Lefty Lem has not at all taken the lead. After a touch from Ned fails to revive her, Emerson steps in to bat her awake. She wasn't dead...she was sleeping! Comedy! They tell the woman they are looking for information about the Von Roenn windmill, and she tells them that another man had just come in looking for information on the very same thing. When they ask if he had one arm, the woman confirms that he did. Like it would have been anyone else stopping in to talk about a windmill. In fact, even if the narcoleptic windmill curator had mentioned that the man who two arms, I would be more willing to believe that Lefty went to a Dupont factory, stole some plastic, and single-handedly smelted himself a new arm from the raw materials. I'm just saying, ain't nobody who isn't on this cute show who cares a damn about windmills. Anyway, the woman tells them that the windmill is no longer in use, and that it has been shipped off to a kind of windmill graveyard (if Ned touches it, another windmills stops turning) at a historic preservation area. She arms them with a map and immediately falls asleep again. I don't know. Shifty.

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