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While You're At It, Keep The Nightlight On Inside The Birdhouse In Your Soul

Back in Coeur d'Coeur, The Narratour reminds us that Olive's hate for Chuck is now twofold. One fold for stealing Ned from her; the other fold for making her aunts so sad. Awwwww. Olive has so much love to give. Alone with Vivian now, Olive tries to goad her into reading the carrier pigeon's message. Vivian tells a vague story about a time when she read something she wasn't supposed to, for which she believes Lily will never forgive her. But before this can be explored any further, Lily saunters into the room with a martini, and they resume talking about the sad nature of empty birdcages. Olive suggests, "Maybe you could fill it with all of your Charlotte sadness and hang it in a special place in your soul." Or, as Olive continues to explain, "Make a little birdhouse in your soul." And though it is clear to me, having watched this scene several times, that this entire torturous conversation only existed to contrive us to the line, "Make a little birdhouse in your soul," it's totally worth it to a) get a little love for They Might Be Giants in a place besides syndicated reruns of Malcolm in the Middle and b) watch Kristin Chenoweth sing anything. After her impromptu performance of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and now her dabbling with TMBG, I'm starting to wonder if Kristin is working on a new album called, "Kristin Chenoweth Covers Songs We All Listened To In Junior High." Other hits include "Stay," a song or two by The Sundays, and a carryover from elementary school called "The Entire Collected Works of Billy Joel." Let's give it up for that album. Meanwhile, with his new wing soldered on, Pigeon takes off without his message.

Over at The Stonehenge of Windmills, a woman named Elsita chops something in a kitchen in a house inside a windmill. A knock on the door reveals Lefty, who tells Elsita that he is a photographer taking pictures for a calendar. She knows he's lying but lets him in anyway, and a cut to his hand behind his back reveals that he is carrying with him an axe. Shifty!

And really, it was all worth it for this. The aunts' car travels down a highway as Pigeon flies above and in front of the car. While Aunt Lily drives, Olive and Vivian sit in the back seat singing "Birdhouse in Your Soul," the second song on They Might Be Giants' 1990 ("It's a brand new record for 1990!") release, "Flood." It's the same album on which you can find TMBG's most famous song, "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" which, unless I'm mistaken, is the only song on the entire album that the band didn't write. For those of you who are sadly deaf, way younger than I am, or grew up listening to "Jock Jams," here are the words to "Birdhouse in Your Soul":

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