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Robbing Hood

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Robbing Hood

Back at the Pie Hole, Ned, Chuck and Emerson meet with Emerson's client, Daniel, Gustav's lawyer. Daniel has never heard of The Bellmen, and is especially alarmed to hear that everyone who has been robbed was on the call list of the nasty, telemarketing bellman, Tam Phong. "So, it wasn't Elise?!" Daniel shouts. "This Tam Phong robbed Gustav?! Well, WHERE IS HE?! I'm gonna FIND that malfease-ass and SLAM him down...!!" Emerson, interrupting, implores him to use his inside voice. "And I'm not talking about the gavel of justice..." Daniel whispers, too quietly. Ned: "Outside voice!" Daniel: "I'm talkin' about Southern-style, BACK ALLEY SCORE SETTLING, doled out by ME and a couple of HOMELESS GUYS!" Chuck, covering her ears: "Conversational patio voice?" Hee. Chuck's hair looks amazing, by the way.

Emerson says that before Daniel goes around handing out blind justice, they need to first discover if Tam Phong is the guilty party. They also tell him about Gustav's second will. "I'm his lawyer," Daniel says. "If there were a second will, I would have drafted it, drawn it up and drawn a tidy, twenty percent commission for my troubles. So how would you know differently?" Emerson: "Let's just say our procedures would not be admissible in court." Daniel is, again, most concerned about Gustav's terrible widow not getting his money. He says if they find the will, he'll double the fee. "Oh, we'll find that will," Emerson and Chuck say in unison. Daniel departs and the three of them debate their next move. Ned suggests they put their names on Tam's call list, to tempt the robber to show up at their homes. "No burglar worth his burgles would take the bait if they saw your tiny-ass apartments," Emerson says, and Chuck suggests that as an alternative, they use the aunts' house. Olive slides in the booth upon hearing this, smelling a sting operation. "I wanna sting!" she says, but Ned thinks the whole thing is a bad idea. Au contraire, Chuck assures him, it's a good idea. While Olive, Emerson and Ned are setting up the sting, she says, she can search upstairs, unseen, in her old room for clues in her dad's old cigar box. It's full of letters that may give some clue to Dwight's identity. "The piemaker considered the wooden box in her old room," Jim Dale says, "a better alternative to the wooden box that contained her father. So, a sting was set."

OH, and WHAT a STING it IS. Employing Olive's prodigious talents at being awesome, the team sends her in to The Bellmen HQ in the most glorious Green Acres send up... in sight, sound and spirit, she is the dead ringer for the beautiful Eva Gabor, accompanied by Pigby, who plays a mean Arnold. I really have no words -- Kristin Chenoweth should win every Emmy there is. She kills it in every scene. "Mr. Phong, I am so sorry to interuuupt," she says, and introduces herself as Tessa Carville, "vife of Clarence Carville, who I am sure you are avare owns Carville Steel." Wearing a fluffy, pink outfit and dripping with diamonds, she loudly proclaims her hatred of phone solicitations, "almost as much as I hate beggars and panhandlers." Furzermore, she goes on, eef she is not eemediately removed from zee call list, she will take a tiny fraction of her considerable vealth, buy the Bellman building, knock it down, and build a glue factory so large, "the whole city vill be smelling haaaaoorse." It is so glorious. Adding at great volume that she is about to take a hover craft on a trip to Saint Tropez, she flings a pink card bearing the aunts' address in Tam Phong's face and twitches out.

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