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Welcome to my third recap of Pushing Daisies, the show too weird, and too unabashed in its inconsistencies, to...recap. "It's a modern day fairy tale" covers a multitude of sins, but is that really okay? I don't know. I really like the show, obviously, so I give it a pass, but am I even supposed to be doing that? It's so difficult for me to get started, I just spent an hour looking at Craigslist furniture. Someone in the town where I live is selling not one, but two six-foot "Egyptian statues" (a nude man and nude woman holding pots over their heads) for $1,400. Guess what Wing and Glark are getting for Christmas?

All right, so how tired is Jim Dale of having to explain the damn rules of Ned's power? Because here he goes again -- we board the wayback machine to see the supercute Young Ned back in the day, testing his one-minute deadline on a bunch of fireflies. It is a lovely little scene, all the re-living fireflies glowing under glass -- but, Jim Dale, WE GET IT. Thank you. He can bring the dead back to life, yes, and only for sixty seconds or someone else dies. Is this all for viewers who are only now tuning in? If so, they have these recaps to read, Jim Dale. We here at TWoP perform this valuable public service for just this reason. You need not beat yourself down with these same details each week. I'm just looking out for you, JD. Don't want you to start raging around the sound booth, throwing teacups around and whacking people with scones. Speaking of scones, did y'all realize Anna Friel was English? Somehow, that had completely escaped my notice. I thought her accent was funny, but I assumed she was smearing on the sweetness, marmalade-style, and just trying to make herself extra-cute. Not that she could get cuter, really, as we see when she and Ned work together in the Pie Hole kitchen, carving up peaches Ned is reviving and putting them in pies. Of course, as Chuck rambles on about how she now has two birthdays to celebrate, the consequences of this peach rebirth come when the a flowerbox full of mums bites the dust. First of all, I don't like this fruit thing. What, does he go out to the market each day and buy dead fruit? That makes no sense, even within the larger, nonsensical premise. And, if so, does he replant those flowers every day? Come on, people. Throw me a bone in the midst of this whimsy.

Digby, on his dog bed by the stove, throws Ned a worried look about those flowers. Meanwhile, Chuck reminisces about birthdays past. Remember, she says, when Ned gave her a t-shirt for her eighth birthday? "It had a beaver on it," she says, "with little lipstick kisses, and it said 'Be kind to animals; Kiss a beaver.'" Ned cringes at his lack of subtlety as a pre-adolescent, and Digby most likely puts his head in the oven to avoid having to hear more.

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