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Fat Man in a Little Coffin

Meanwhile, Emerson is back at his office, preparing to closely monitor Louis Schatz's movements, not realizing he is already dead. The phone rings. It's Ned with his little announcement that someone has Schatzed all over his freezer. "You're being set up," Emerson says, postulating that whoever is doing it has probably already called the police. Ned, in a panic, swings around to look out the front window. "Hey..." he whispers into the phone, as if in nightmare, "the police are here."

With no other options, Ned sets his watch and, with the police banging on the window, touches Louis back to life. "Hey," he says to the dead man, full of forced cheer. "You need to come with us." Louis asks where he's going. "We're going to heaven!" Chuck says sweetly. "And heaven's closing in like, one minute." Outside, Emerson's car screeches into the back alley, and Ned runs out to meet him, leaving Chuck to bustle the fat man up the stairs and into the car. "Hey, Emerson!" Louis shouts. "You're going to heaven, too?" Emerson says, yeah, what a coincidence; they all died at once in the Rapture. Louis finds this all fascinating and wants to chat about it, but Emerson interrupts, asking again where the dead-people treasure is buried. Of course, before he can say, Chuck interrupts, asking Louis who his murderer was. Louis is confused. "I choked on a piece of tongue," he says. Emerson: "Yours, or somebody else's?" Ergh. Jim Dale explains that in this instance, the tongue belonged to a cow. Hey, look. I know I come from a region where otherwise normal people regularly fry and consume things such as "gizzards" and "pig feet," but people, I...I'm not gonna be eatin' anything's tongue.

Jim Dale tells us that, although Louis Schatz had been attempting to reduce his portions, they weren't so small that they couldn't block his windpipe when he was confronted by an angry customer. Genius. "He said something about a Civil War heirloom," Louis says of his killer, "and then I lost consciousness." He adds that he normally would have coughed up his food blockage before passing out. Chuck gives him a sympathetic look. Emerson is just getting another chance to ask about the stolen goods when Ned calls five seconds. Kablam, Louis receives the touch of death. Emerson sighs, and Ned jumps into the back seat of Emerson's convertible next to Chuck, asking what they're going to do with the body. Emerson says they're going to put Louis back exactly where he was when he died, "and show whoever this sucker was who tried to frame you exactly how a sucker gets framed." Ned is worried, however -- they don't know who said sucker is. Ah, but they do -- during Chuck's research with those letters, she learned all about a disgruntled family member wanting the return of his family's Civil War sword. It can be none other than one Wilfred Woodruff. In fact, we see a flashback of Chuck reading the letter, of which the sign-off was "looking forward to killing you, Wilfred Woodruff." Love it.

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