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Cake or Death
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It gets more and more difficult to write about this amazing show as each week passes. As each sneaky double entendre cracks me up, I feel a bitter sting knowing that I'll have to find my mildly off-color and subtle humor elsewhere. As each fabulous costume appears, I dread seeing TV shows that are filled with boring drab Banana Republic clothes instead of the bright, candy-colored and clever concoctions that currently light up my screen. But on the positive side, this show gets better and better each week, so that's something, right? This episode is no exception.

The episode begins with the cutest little claymation animation ever. It's got a father and daughter riding on a pair of camels walking through the desert. It is a 600 mile stretch of wilderness known as the Rub' al Khali desert. It looks not altogether unlike the scenes of Charles Charles, Dwight Dixon and Ned's Dad in the desert for their job. Then the camera pans back and we see young Chuck and her father playing with figures, dressed as adventurers and having a grand old time.

Young Chuck is, eight years, eight months, 21 days old and suffering from a nasty case of the childhood ailment of the chicken pox, and Charles Charles cooked up this plan to distract her. Jim Dale tells us that it relieved the itch, but replaced it with a burning desire for adventure. Her father promised to take her on adventures, but a month later he died. Young Chuck learned the lesson that one can never recapture what once was. Until she kept her father alive without telling Frere Piemaker.

We head straight headlong into the final scene from last week's episode where Ned is at his old house, in his childhood bedroom, discovering that his beloved Chuck lied to him and kept her father alive. He's in a stunned state. Lily and Vivian come over to check out the situation, Lily's got her gun a blazin'. Ned tries to shut the door on them, but Lily is not one to be easily dissuaded, as she plows her way in as Chuck and Charles Charles seek shelter in the closet. Lily is "spittin' pissed at being served up a steaming plate of door." Vivian disagrees, even though at this point she's wearing the most outrageous ensemble that is all sparkles and marabou. She doesn't get pissed because she was told once by a gypsy that it brings on hemorrhoids. Good to know. See, this show teaches!

Chuck and Charles Charles are squashed together in the closet and he really doesn't understand why he just can't go out and talk to Lily. Because a guy who is swaddled in bandages and has been dead for 20 years is likely to freak out a person. Even if said person is your former lover. Chuck insists they can't know that Charles Charles is undead. Charles Charles thinks her aunts have the right to know. Well, except for the one that is her mother. Dad's impressed she figured that out. He makes sure that she's OK. She is. Especially now that she has her dead dad back. For the record, I'm not loving this whole Charles Charles plotline. I liked scheming Dwight Dixon.

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