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Cake or Death

Back at the Pie Hole there's lighting and thunder like crazy outside, and Ned's cleaning up the very messy kitchen. Chuck walks in and wants to know what the deal is. Just a little father/boyfriend scuffle. Or tussle. Whichever you prefer. Charles Charles starts moaning in the backroom. Chuck runs to his aid, giving Ned a disapproving glare. Once she ushers her dad off to safety, she rounds on Ned and gives him the what for. Why would he have brought her dad to the Pie Hole? Not his fault, dad showed up. Chuck isn't buying it, she says dad knows the rules. Ned explains that Charles Charles is not one for chocolate or rules, so from this point on, he's doing his own thing. Chuck sighs and says she'll talk to her dad. Ned insists that they should handle it together. But she doesn't want them fighting any more. She can't handle it. She understands that her dad is stubborn, but insists that every dad is hard on his daughter's boyfriend. She thinks it is totally normal and that Ned needs to chillax. No. Not every dad tries to attack their daughter's boyfriend with a wooden mop. Ned's turn to get angry and says that this is a very different scenario. Chuck thinks they should just pretend that her dad has been in a coma all this time. Ned gets good and riled up and says that there is no use making believe that any of this is normal because Chuck's dad could go wild and spill the beans at any time. He wants to put a stop to it. Chuck is emphatically against re-deading him. Ned, while he's probably thinking that's a fabulous idea and he should have listened to Emerson when he had the chance, thinks they just need to work through this together. But if she's not game, Charles Charles is officially her problem. She storms out the Pie hole, with a thunder clap.

Upstairs in Ned's apartment, Chuck sits with her dad. He's got a cookbook of food from around the world. He encourages her to take a wooden spoon, tap the map and see where it lands. That exotic location is the parts unknown that they'll be heading for first. Chuck says the fight with Ned was a misunderstanding. Charles Charles starts reading one of Ned's elaborate Alive Again rules about crossing the room, rule number 21 to be specific. Charles Charles has no intention of living like that. He's back and he thinks that she deserves better, so he's going to try and give her the trips he promised her. She shouldn't be kept under lock and key. Chuck says her life is here. But Charles Charles says this isn't life, it is a freak show. Again, hate him, but valid point. He thinks if they get away from Ned they can do or be anything. Chuck wants things to be like they were when she was little. He thinks pie is so simple, he's offering her the more complex cake. It's got layers, filled with treasures to be discovered. Which will she choose? She snuggles up to her dad and takes the wooden spoon.

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