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Cake or Death

After the commercial, the new mysterious stranger shoots off his spear gun and it unfurls a flag which welcome visitors to the Papen Lighthouse Resort and Day Spa. Nice. A spa too! Gus blows into a pitch pipe, which cues Fisherman No. 1 to start snapping and singing, while three more fisherman come up singing and snapping a catchy, jaunty tune. Olive joins right in. It's "Candle on the Water" from Pete's Dragon. Show. If I haven't said it enough. I love you. Just whole-heartedly. Emerson feels differently as he cocks his gun and tells them to "shut the a capel up." Brilliant. Gus heads into this schpiel to Elliot, presumably. That's how their cocktail hour will begin. Emerson notices a strange powder on the side of Gus's head. Elliot says that this whole thing seems very, very wrong. Elliot's still upset that Gus, a capella lovin' capitalistic Gus, was having an affair with his mom. He insists that she wanted to tell him, and they tried to put their feelings aside when Merle got home, but they couldn't get back their old magic. Gus just wants something good to come out of this whole mess. Olive's got ideas about how they should nix the glitter, and wonders if they got Annabelle Vandersloop to decorate the place. Emerson puts the glitter and papier-mâché together, he speculates that if "crazy craft lady" was up here, she might have put aside her glue gun for the night and picked up a more sizable weapon, like a harpoon. Glue guns can do some major damage though. I've lost layers of skin to them. Emerson shouldn't underestimate their usefulness in a crime scene. Innocent little Elliot, who doesn't understand the lengths a woman scorned will go, doesn't think his mom's best friend would have killed her. Emerson says that "Nora wasn't the only squeeze that Papen here was squeezing." Olive sees the papier-mâché and gets to accusing. "You were getting down with the diorama dame." She hit on him, a lot. That's it. Emerson: "You too must have been swapping something other than historical society factoids." OK. Maybe just once, at a Christmas party. Which totally doesn't count. Eggnog is a powerful substance. Emerson's got plans to rubber cement her ass to a prison bed.

As the a capella quartet trudges down to the lobby, a yellow-slicker clad person stands by the door, locking them all in. Sadly, it's not just a missing baritone as Emerson hoped. Instead it's Annabelle. "So much for keeping the innocent victim count down." Lovely. And despite Olive's hope that she "toots glitter," that's a string of gunpowder on the ground. Arranged in a very decorative and neat manner. Of course. Her husband Adolf, the munitions manufacturer, left her the remaining inventory. Such a useful legacy. She's been saving it for a rainy day. Gus wants to know why. She's bitter that he tossed their love aside. He thought it was one night, she thought it was deep and special. She's cuckoo bananas, and wielding an enormous match. She hoped that Merle's return would break up Nora and Gus, but alas, she had to take matters into her own hands. Gus adds fuel to the flame saying he still loves Nora. She lights the match. He doesn't understand how killing all these people will solve anything. Olive's on it: "I do, I do! When you called me sad Ms. Snook, oh, it really honked me off, but now I realize that you recognized sadness in me because you had it in you. The rest of you don't know what it's like to know in your heart that you love somebody and if you could only eliminate everybody else, maybe he'd finally, finally grasp what you've been trying to show him. That feeling you've been dying to recapture..."

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